Call state senators to pass community solar!


Community Solar w/10 Yr. Rolling Incentive Passed House!

Call Now to Help It Survive Committee & Get Through the Senate

Spine Thank You graphicPLEASE Call Senate Energy Committee Chair & Members TODAY & TONIGHT. Ask them to “Stand up for public benefit renewable energy (community solar) and clean energy jobs. New energy production facilities depends upon their bipartisan leadership. Please, Do Not fail Washington workers, our ec onomy and our future.” Our activism today and tonight night may encourage positive action at tomorrow’s hearing. Details belowLet’s also take this opportunity to thank Rep. Jeff Morris for his leadership. Here’s a SPINE Thank You form to print, fill out and mail to: Rep. Morris, 436A Legislative Building, Post Office Box 40600, Olympia, WA 98504-0600

Senator Room Phone
Ericksen, Doug (R) Chair LEG 414 (360) 786-7682
Sheldon, Tim (D) Vice Chair LEG 312 (360) 786-7668
Ranker, Kevin (D) * JAC 215 (360) 786-7678
Billig, Andy (D) LEG 412 (360) 786-7604
Brown, Sharon (R) INB 201 (360) 786-7614
Chase, Maralyn (D) JAC 241 (360) 786-7662
Cleveland, Annette (D) JAC 230 (360) 786-7696
Honeyford, Jim (R) INB 107 (360) 786-7684
Litzow, Steve (R) LEG 416 (360) 786-7641

Engrossed 2nd Substitute” HB1301 miraculously passed out of the House March 9. What was originally a solar for millionaires bill transformed into a bill that rescues community solar! It was referred to Senate Committee for Trade and Economic Development and re-referred it to Energy, Environment & Telecommunications.

Energy, Environment & Telecommunications will hold a public hearing at 8am Wednesday (TOMORROW), March 20. See committee info HERE (Not sure which room/building, but I’m sure you’ll find it.)
We have no guarantee that the Chair Ericksen, Doug (R) Chair , will bring this bill to a vote, and we ABSOLUTELY need him to do that. We must demonstrate adequate support and enthusiasm for the legislation that Senator Ericksen feels compelled to bring it to a vote, and for there to be adequate committee support for it to pass. Due to the committee make up and some additions to the
bill, i.e. a subsidy for utilities to create solar systems – passing this is not going to be easy.

  • Please Senator Ericksen’s office requesting that he do bring this bill to a vote. Call (360) 786-7682. Email
  • Please Call Senator Steve Litzow (R) who was a panelist at the January WEC/Environmental Priorities meeting session in Bellevue and ask him to support this bill and encourage Sen. Ericksen to bring it to a vote. Call (360) 786-7641. Email
  • Call the Senator Sheldon (D?) who recently opposed Gov. Inslee’s Climate bill and politely ask that he please support HB1301. [If he wants to muck with it, he could lower the new utility incentive by half and be an anti-corporate welfare hero without cheating municipalities and schools of this awesome private/public partnership opportunity.

Senator Ranker and Senator Chase are leaders we can likely count on, but calls of encouragement to them and help them know this is a priority for communities across the State.

Sadly, I cannot attend the March 20 hearing as I am at the Univ. of Michigan, so I hope others will do what they can. Calls to Keith Phillips, Energy Policy Advisor to Governor Inslee asking for Executive leadership to keep community solar alive could also be very important. 360 902-0630

In collaboration and gratitude,

Bill Moyer
Backbone Campaign

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