Bernie Sanders' cabinet. Any suggestions?

Bernie Sanders' cabinet

Who should fill the other positions?

On facebook people commented:

  • “Drop Grayson & replace with Russ Feingold.”
  • “Pierre Trudeau has a more diverse cabinet and I think Bernie should too.”
  • “Robert Reich is a must have.”
  • “Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.”
  • “EPA: Erin Brockovich or Robert Kennedy Jr.”
  • “Jim Web, Sec. State; Wesley Clark, Department of Defense; Dennis Kucinich, Sec. Commerce; Nassim Taleb, Sec. Treasury; Elizabeth Warren, Sec. Energy; Jesse Ventura, Vice President (because no one in the corporatocracy is going to want to see him as president.)”
  • “John Stewart- Press Secretary”
  • “Keith Olbermann SEC”
  • Where’s the spot for Neil Tyson DeGrasse and Bill Nye?
  • Bill Moyers, VP
  • I’d maybe swap out Alan Grayson for Secretary of Defense. As much as I love him, he’s a little too pro-Netanyahu for my taste.
  • “Rachael Madow press secretary”
  • “Rush Holt, Department of Energy; Feingold in there somewhere; Barbara Boxer, Secretary of Interior; Bill Richardson, Secretary of State; Laura Tyson, economic advisor”
  • Walter Kloefkorn suggested:

    Secretary of State — Barbara Lee, if not VP; Dennis Kucinich (or Elizabeth);
    Secretary of the Treasury —Michael Hudson;
    Secretary of Defense — Winslow Wheeler;
    Attorney General — Keith Ellison (inspired choice Don);
    Secretary of the Interior — Raul Grijalva (the Grand Canyon would be safe);
    Secretary of Agriculture — My heart says Wendell Berry, but I doubt he’d take the job, former Texas Ag Commissioner Jim Hightower or Fred Kirschenmann;
    Secretary of Commerce — Nick Hannauer
    Secretary of Labor — Larry Cohen, former CWA president, or Richard Trumka;
    Secretary of Health and Human Services — Patty Murray (or Veterans Affairs);
    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development — Rev. WIlliam Barber
    Secretary of Transportation — James Howard Kunstler;
    Secretary of Energy — Maria Cantwell;
    Secretary of Education Karen Lewis;
    Secretary of Veterans Affairs — Jim Webb
    Secretary of Homeland Security — Stephen Cohen
    Bonus picks-
    VP — Barbara Lee;
    Surgeon General — Our country needs a psychiatrist, Jim McDermott. He could lead the push for single payer;
    National Security Advisor — Ray McGovern;
    Tom Geoghegan would be worthy of Labor or AG consideration.
    U.S Special Trade Representative — Lori Wallach

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