Bias in headlines about Bill and Hillary Clinton

I often visit to see top stories, and I often notice the bias in headlines. Today, there are grossly conflicting headlines about Mitt Romney’s interview with NBC’s David Gregory.

The Daily Caller’s headline reads:

‎Gregory asked Romney to respond to Rand Paul’s description on Meet the Press of Bill Clinton as a sexual predator.  Should Hillary be judged on her husband’s behavior? Gregory asked.  In fact, Gregory starts by saying “Well, I don’t think Bill Clinton is  as relevant as Hillary Clinton … and in her case people will look at her record as Secretary of State.”  But The Daily Caller turns the gist of the message on its head.

The Daily Mail’s headline has a similar take:

These news sites have a different spin on the story:

Google’s news algorithm has a difficult task in figuring out which headlines to place at the top.

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