Bannering May 10 in Seattle against Corporate Personhood

Norm Conrad of MoveOn reports:

May 10th is the 127th “anniversary” of the Supreme Court case used as precedent for the absurd notion that corporations are entitled to the birthrights of actual human beings. In co-operation with Move to Amend, we will be displacing a really big banner on the N 50th St overpass on I-5. We could use a few more volunteers to help out.

We will stage and get organized at 4:30 PM. Location will be on the east side of the N 50th St overpass. We will carry on until 6:00 or so. Parking is unrestricted until 6:00 PM on the east side of I-5 and is unrestricted at all hours on the west side of I-5 on the frontage street running south toward N 45th.

Please RSVP to me at:

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