Attend hearing on single-payer in Olympia on Friday

If you are driving to the state reorganization meeting in Olympia on Friday consider stopping by to show your support for single payer health care in WA.

Call to Action!
Support WHST-Fri. Feb 1st in Olympia!!
Single Payer Health Care Bill-(HB) 1085

The most hopeful aspect of Obama’s Affordable Care Act is that it allows all 50 states to request a waiver to the Affordable Care Act’s Exchanges in 2017. With a waiver, a state can implement a state-based single-payer program, if it meets or exceeds the requirements of the Exchanges.

Our WA state has had a very comprehensive, well-written proposal for Single Payer Health Care for over 20 years. The legislation is called the Washington Health Security Trust (WHST). The original WHST proposal was written by members of Health Care for All – Washington,

Now there is a very exciting new breakthrough in WA. This Single Payer Health Care bill has been introduced in the Washington State 2013 Legislature. The bill number is House Bill (HB) 1085, and has been revised to be compliant to the Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

We have just had news that a hearing on HB 1085 is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 1st in Olympia at 1:30 pm. Our goal is to pack the hearing room with supporters. This is extremely important, since legislators have indicated they need to see a huge number of supporters for this bill, for them to take it seriously. We need them to pass the bill, so it can proceed to the next step in the legislative process.

We need your support! Join members of HCFA, PNHP and other concerned citizens and come to Olympia for the hearing. If you are unable to attend, please contact your state representative, and tell them you want them to support HB 1085, the WHST, which will bring affordable health care to all WA residents.

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