50,000,000 strong, human megaphone: End the wars! Stop the corruption! Stop socialism for the rich and austerity for everyone else!

Tens of millions of Americans are fed up with the immoral war-mongering, the torture, the rampant corruption, the fixed elections, the handouts to the super-rich, the mismanagement, the outsourcing of jobs and profits, the lack of accountability, the reckless deregulation, the dismantling of the social safety net, and the increasing concentration of wealth.

The 99% need to understand how the richest 1% are screwing them — how the 1% have been waging and winning a class war for several decades.

The Occupy movement is the occasion for finally getting heard.

Expect a nasty backlash from the conservative powers that be — mostly from the Republican Party, but also from “centrist” Democrats who are in bed with Wall Street, the military, and corporate America.

If you include protesters overseas, this human megaphone may include billions of people who are demanding justice.

Earth megaphone
Earth megaphone

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