100% of South Carolina votes go through SCYTL

The genius of democracy is dispersed public control.

As we saw in Iowa when alert public citizens captured evidence of the
actual vote count, BEFORE it was reported by a centralized state
committee, neither the state Republican Party nor the news media
reported the correct results, claiming victory for the wrong winner.

In South Carolina, 100% of election results will be routed through a
single centralized private firm owned by Barcelona firm Scytl/SOE
Software, before being reported to the public.

There is only one meaningful check and balance to this, and that is
for members of the public to capture evidence of reported precinct
results when polls close tonight. These should be posted at each
polling site. In addition, during poll closing the public has a right
to be in the polling place watching and videotaping what goes on.

Here is a minute video showing exactly what to do:

By the way, the results will be published here:

We recommend that you download multiple times during the evening. It
is not uncommon to see results change or disappear midstream. In
Broward County FL, the results reported by Scytl-owned SOE Software in
2008 showed an entire candidate, who was winning, disappear into vapor
in the middle of the count, and in Hillsborough County FL and Dallas
County TX, votes that had been reported began to disappear.

The way to see this is to download “time slices” — snapshots at
various points in time, and compare them.

Follow Black Box Voting for further developments.

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