What to do about funding requests?

I got email today from Chris Bowers (Campaign Director, Daily Kos) asking me to donate money to support the recall of GOP politicians in Wisconsin: “On Monday, I sent you an email about how the recall against Republican state Senators had begun in Wisconsin. You can support the recall by contributing to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, which is the central organizing hub for the campaign. The DPW has already gathered 15% of the petition signatures required to force a recall election.”

Every day I get solicitations from progressive and Democratic causes. It’s hard to know which causes to support.

It’s a shame but many people are hesitant to donate to the Democratic Party because of its mixed record with regard to defending progressive values. Sure, the Republicans are worse, but my point is that many donors, and voters, are reluctant to support wishy-washy compromisers who use progressive rhetoric but in the end turn around and support conservative views.  Republicans rarely compromise and often vote unanimously for hard right positions. Many  Democrats are “centrist” and compromise.   So, of course, the nation’s politics are moving further and further to the right.

President Obama himself said, “We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend. And we honor those ideals by upholding them not when it’s easy, but when it is hard.”

But I gotta say: President Obama’s repeated compromises with Republicans, and his repeated betrayals of progressive values, will likely cause tremendous damage. He deserves a large part of the blame for the shellacking in November and for the Democrats’ failure to stop playing defense.



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  1. Of course I think the Republicans are terrible. But Obama is centrist. He repeatedly betrayed Democratic and progressive principles. He protected and aided Republicans and conservative Democrats. So, of course, I don’t feel eager to help him. Since he’s the leader of the Democratic Party, he taints it. Not all of it, but I need to be careful. Sorry, I gave quite a bit of money to his campaign, and I feel cheated.. I support progressive causes, but I don’t give much to the Democratic establishment (e.g., DCCC) until I judge them to be following my ideals. In 2012 I will vote for Obama if he runs, but it will be because he’s the lesser of two evils. Definitely lesser.

    There was a discussion on the Washington Liberals Yahoo group about this topic. People wondered whether the loss in Wisconsin and other places was in part due to peoples’ dissatisfaction with Obama. If so, whose fault is that? Obama’s or the peoples’? Or the Republicans’?

  2. Obama is using his veto power to protect us from the worst abuses of the GOP-controlled House. If someone more liberal runs against him in the primary I vote for the more liberal candidate.

    The state and local party organizations are not about Obama. Presidents come and go. The organization is about us, the local community. We have the mechanisms to decide where the money goes and to make sure it goes primarily to local races. We will have local races that have to be won and we can try to direct any money into those races. We have to worry about what the Congressional districts will look like and if Jay Inslee runs for governor, who will run for his seat.

    The question is what committee in the state party decides on which campaigns the money goes to. That is what we should be looking at.

    The other question is whether Biden will run again or whether Hillary will run as the VP candidate, in which case Obama might hand a lot of responsibility over to her, which might be better for the economy.

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