We've Sacrificed Enough Already

In a nation and state where we operate under the rules of democracy, the blame for our budget woes belongs to “we the people”. Not “them”, “us”. We have to take the credit and the responsibility for the situation, and we have to be accountable to fix it. Everyone has their role in creating the situation, pulling and pushing in various directions. The Adam Smithian and Ayn Randian mentality that our Western Culture has says that the world is best when it is every person for themselves, trying to do things in their own best interest and such a great movement of “best interest” would lead us to fair markets and paradise. We can’t think like that and try to fight against it at the same time, and that’s what progressive/liberal activists have been doing.

I think Tim Eyman believes what he preaches. I’ve never really doubted that. I know he’s wrong, but that’s not saying he doesn’t think he is right. Right wingers have the same ideas and ideals. Voters are gullible, indeed. They are too often led like sheep to the slaughter, and don’t know exactly what is wrong or how to fix it until they hear a good idea. Increasing their taxes doesn’t sound like a good idea to them (baaaa), so they fight against the idea of raising any and all taxes. It’s hard to claim that everyone is “us” while saying we need to raise taxes on “them” (i.e. the rich). We all need to share in the sacrifice that makes our society possible. If we don’t ALL share in it, then it won’t be possible.

It’s not a good frame, in my opinion, to say that Democratic activists need to “pressure” our leaders. We need to lead the debate and push our ideas so that they become obvious.

Tax fairness means everyone shares the sacrifice in order to maintain and build our society. Most of us feel that sacrifice on a daily basis. I think we’ve Sacrificed Enough Already. It’s not just about taxes, it’s about our quality of life. It’s about the American Dream of being able to see our children grow up and succeed in a world with more opportunity than we had.

Rise the SEA Party, and let’s drown the right wing TEA party in their own tide.



One Reply to “We've Sacrificed Enough Already

  1. The GOP has moved far to the right in recent years, having been taken over by Reagan/DeLay Republicans, religious conservative, and (more recently) Teabaggers. There were painful and dramatic battles, in which moderate Republicans were kicked out. Do you think the Democratic Party will reform without painful pressure from the Left?

    There are conservative Dems who block progressive legislation.

    And many people believe that our leaders (esp. Gov. Gregoire) were M.I.A. with regard to educating the public about fair taxation. They relied on advocacy groups and Bill Gates, Sr. In short, our leaders didn’t lead — perhaps because they feared voter backlash.

    But if they don’t lead, how can we win?

    I want our leaders to step up to the plate and stop cowering behind Tim Eyman. Our job, as activists, is to pull them to the Left and hold them accountable. Politely, if possible.

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