We will screw ya

Hallelujah,    I heard there was a Tax Accord

parody by Anne Smith, with apologies to Leonard Cohen.

Guitar and singing by Don Smith:

G                                 Em                       G                          Em

I heard there was a tax accord, with Norquist as the overlord

C                             D                                    G            D

But Democrats don’t care for tax cuts do ya?

G                           C        D          Em                      C

It goes like this, the deficit, the debt ceiling, the fiscal cliff

D                                  Em

Republicans are screaming “we will screw ya.”

C            Em                                C                      G    D     G

We will screw ya, we will screw ya, We will screw ya. We will screw ya.


G                                  Em                           G                      Em

Well Baby, we’ve been here before, When Bush’s boys declared the war,

C                                         D                    G            D

And then they cut the taxes for a few, yeah.

G                                      C          D             Em                     C

The Koch Brothers, the One percent, their money fought the President

D                                      Em

But on November 6, we overthrew ya.

C             Em               C             G    D     G

Hallelujah,                   Hallelujah,               Hallelujah,             Hallelujah

Additional verse

G Em G Em

Their faith was strong, but without proof, They saw us trying to speak the truth


The crazy pundits always lying to ya.

G C D Em C

They filibustered on the floor, Refused to vote, refused some more

D Em

And swore that liberals only want to screw ya.

C Em C G D G

They will screw ya, they will screw ya, They will screw ya, they will screw Ya.

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