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Transit Riders, take action & speak up for HB 2186!

You know those vast parking lots at Northgate Mall, Walmart, Home Depot and other big box stores? Not only do they take up space and create an environment hostile to pedestrians, they contribute to stormwater runoff pollution and they stand nearly empty much of the time. And yet, they’re totally exempt from the Commercial Parking Tax that Seattle levies on lots where customers pay to park.

The Transit Riders Union has been working with progressive legislators in Olympia on legislation that would authorize a tax on Non-Residential Parking Facilities, requiring the parking lot owner to pay for these huge expanses of pavement. This progressive tax would close the loophole that exempts “free” parking spaces that actually come with high social costs. It would raise badly-needed revenue for public transit, as well as being good for the environment and improving our urban landscape.

Now is the time to contact your representatives in the House in support of HB 2186! Name the bill number and tell them you support a tax on non-residential parking facilities.

It’s easy to find your legislators here:

Or, just call the legislative hotline, 1-800-562-6000, leave a message with your name and street address, and it will be forwarded to your legislators.

Join the Delegation for Affordable Transit!

San Francisco recently made the riding the bus free for low to moderate income youth, senior and disabled riders. So why did King County just raise fares for all these riders? Senior and disabled riders have seen their annual bus pass costs increase more than fourfold since 2010.

With the March 1st fare increases, Metro now has among the highest fares in the nation. C’mon King County – we can do so much better than this!

The Transit Riders Union is forming a Delegation of hundreds of riders to meet with elected officials and present our vision of affordable public transit. Join us! Our first meeting with County Councilmembers will take place in mid-April, date and time to be announced soon. Is your quality of life compromised because fares are too high? Do you have friends or family who count quarters and budget for each ride to school or services? We want your voice in the Delegation. Together we’re going to win affordable transit!

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