Thursday rally in Seattle to stop Congress from extending the Bush Tax Cuts

The Lame Duck Sessions Begins November 13.We must stop Republicans in the “lame duck” Congress from extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the richest two percent at the expense Medicare and Medicaid.

Please join Health Care for America Now and our partners on Thursday, November 8 at Catholic Seamen’s Club to urge Congress to preserve health care reforms and not bargain away America’s future during the lame duck session of Congress.

What: Rally for the Lame Duck
Where: Catholic Seamen’s Club, 2330 1St Ave, Seattle
When: Thursday, Nov. 8, noon
Who to Contact to Participate: Jeff Johnson, jjohnson@wslc.org

After tomorrow’s election, Congress will return to Washington to participate in a “lame duck session.” Join Health Care for America Now and our grassroots partners as we demand that Congress stop the scheduled automatic budget cuts they put in place, ask all Americans to pay their fair share of taxes, prioritize job creation, and protect health care reform, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security from budget cuts.

Please reach out to Jeff Johnson at jjohnson@wslc.org in order to lend your support on Thursday.

Health Care for America Now

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