Look what the bastards did to our country!

Some people think there’s too much partisanship. They think we need to be politer and more accommodating to people of “conservative” political persuasion.

No way!

Look what the bastards did to our country!  At the end of the Clinton Presidency, we were at peace and the US government was running surpluses.

After eight years of Republican rule under Bush & Cheney, we’re left with a legacy of destruction, debt, torture,  imperial expansion, and environmental degradation.   The government is almost dysfunctional.  Reckless deregulation led to a sub-prime crash. Tax cuts for the rich led to immense concentration of wealth and power.  Constitutional rights are weakened.  The Supreme Court is under the control of radical corporatists.    Unemployment is permanently high.  Republicans in Congress refuse to support even reasonable bills proposed by the Democrats (lest Obama win a second term).

Now, to pay for the unfunded, immoral wars and for tax cuts for the 1%, they want to dismantle Social Security and Medicare.

And so far nobody has been held responsible for the crimes and the mismanagement.  Indeed, the only people who have been prosecuted are the whistle blowers.

We need more outrage and less politeness!

What they’ve done to our country is disgusting. And yet they want to continue with more deregulation, more war-mongering, and more socialism and tax cuts for the rich.

The Occupy Movement has brought many of these issues to the fore.  Apparently, a lot of the voters agree; the approval ratings for Congress are at about the 10% level (source).   But so far the Democratic Party has been unable or unwilling to decisively break with the past. Obama promised hope of real change.   Mostly, he’s followed policies straight out of the playbook of the right wing Heritage Foundation.

America had a good thing going:  peace, prosperity, sensible environmental regulation, and a vibrant middle class.  Now everything is at risk of destruction.

We need 20,000,000 Americans protesting in the streets demanding an end to the injustice.

And we need to market our ideas to the general public so they realize the truth about what’s happened.

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