Summary and comments on Bruce Gagnon and Regis Tremblay video

Bruce Gagnon and Regis Tremblay discuss US EU Looming Crash, Billions of US $$ pouring into Ukraine, War between the US and Russia.

The interview covers a lot of history and claims. Many of them I’ve read elsewhere. Many of the claims I believe to be true. Some of the claims are plausible but need evidence.

Here’s a summary of the interview, with some comments.

They suggest one reason many peace groups in the U.S. are divided over whether to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is that wealthy, powerful forces have funded and infiltrated the peace groups. Does anyone have evidence for that? I suggest that a more likely reason for the divisions is that the MICIMATT has been masterful in propagandizing the war in Ukraine.

Bruce says that many peace groups continue “to put ‘equal blame’ on Russia for starting this whole operation when, in fact, you and I know that the U.S. and NATO have been working towards this [war in Ukraine] for years, all the way back to 2008 and maybe earlier, ” including orchestrating the 2014 coup in Ukraine that installed a right wing government backed up by Nazi battalions.

Bruce recalls meeting a peace activist in Maine who suggested that Bruce would be a lot more effective and credible if he stopped talking about Nazis in Ukraine. Bruce wonders if the activist knows better or if is maybe an agent. “He acts like one and is divisive enough to be one.” Later in the video, Bruce and Regis review evidence for Nazis in Ukraine.

In addition to disagreeing on whether Russia’s invasion was justified, there is disagreement about whether the U.S. is correct to support Ukraine by sending arms, etc.  But if someone supports arming Ukraine and escalating the war, they’re not much of a peace activist.

Bruce implies that part of the reason for the war in Ukraine is the Dems’ desperation to win in November. Bruce and Regis wonder whether the Republicans, if they win control of either or both houses of Congress in November, will impeach and investigate Biden for his incapacity (“growing dementia”), the corruption they enabled, and the fact they haven’t helped America recover. (The Inflation Reduction Act made some progress, I think.) And there may be hearings about Hunter Biden. Republicans are agents of the MIC and Wall Street, just as the Dems are. It’s a good cop/bad cop situation, scripted by Madison Avenue. Years ago, Joe Biden pushed for increased prison sentences for “nickle-sized pieces of crack cocaine” but there’s a video of Hunter Biden using cocaine.

They say, God forbid that a shooting war erupts here because so many people have guns. Working class people are the ones with guns; many of them call for a MAGA revolution. They are largely acting against their own self-interest.

Regis recalls that he and Bruce visited Odessa, Ukraine as part of a delegation for the May 2, 2016 second anniversary massacre at the trade union hall. They did a film. “What you and I personally witnessed, and it’s the reason we were invited, was to be a shield protecting the mothers of those who were murdered, beaten…. We witnessed violent Right Sector Nazi gangs that even threatened us, threw stones at our bus, and as you and I walked through the streets, we saw armed military with machine guns, almost everywhere.” Bruce:”The rocks were thrown at us by the Nazis as we got off the bus….threw Malotov cocktails at the building.”

Bruce recalls Operation Gladio. After WWII, U.S. intelligence operatives “rescued” Nazis and saved them from accountability at Nuremberg trials, to recruit them to work for the U.S. to defeat the Soviets. One such Nazi was Reinhard Gehlen, who had been Hitler’s intelligence chief on the eastern front, where he fought the Soviets and also pinpointed the location of Jews so they could be executed. (See Summary of The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the C.I.A., and the rise of America’s secret government.) This “rat-line” of using far right leaders to try to destroy Russia continues. Bruce says that the U.S. has installed compliant governments in Eastern Europe, but Orban Hungary refuses to tow the line, which is why he’s been demonized by the West. (Is that fair? From what I’ve read, Orban himself is a Trump-like far rightist. Perhaps he’s not anti-Russian, but he does seem to be authoritarian.)

Regis says Ukrainian children are being indoctrinated and trained with weapons in camps by Nazis to hate Russia and kill Russians.

Bruce recommends several times to read this article by Dianna Johnstone: The Specter of Germany Is Rising (“To meet the imaginary Russian threat to Western Europe, Germany will lead an expanded, militarized EU.”) The article discussed the glorification of the Ukrainian Nazi Stepan Bandera. The granddaughter of one of the Ukrainian Nazis is deputy prime minister of Canada and may be nominated to be the head of NATO! See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrystia_Freeland#Ancestry.

Regis says that both the U.S. and other NATO countries have special operations troops and mercenaries on the ground in Ukraine. NATO is sharing intelligence. High level NATO military officials are visiting Ukraine. So it’s more than a proxy war. It’s an actual  hot war between NATO and Russia!

Bruce says that one third of the troops in the recent Ukrainian offensive were foreign mercenaries and that many of them are probably NATO soldiers. He said he’s seen videos of soldiers with American accents fighting in Ukraine. More evidence about that would be good.

Bruce’s “gut feeling” is that Russia will defeat Ukraine, “But the West understands that it’s a fading imperial project, and they’re desperate. I would call them actually evil. They are willing to kill any number of people that they have in order to try to stay in control, try to stay in power, and I believe they will do everything possible to keep the war going. The military-industrial complex is making a lot of money. A lot of politicians are getting their hands greased by some of the $50 billion…” NATO will draw out the war as long as possible. The Achilles Heel is the western domestic economies that are collapsing, due to the money spent on militarism.

“The question is: how will their citizenry respond? What will they demand? And how will they be greeted by the rulers?” “Already we’re hearing Germany is going to put a huge number of military operatives on the street in the winter, because they fear a restive German population. Will they turn violent against their own people to suppress the outrage?” Brix and other alternative economic systems will challenge the West’s economic system.

I don’t share Bruce’s confidence that Russia will win the war in Ukraine, considering the immense, united support of the U.S. and NATO for Ukraine. There is a risk of nuclear war, though, if Russia feels backed to the wall.

Regis says the real battle is over the shift to a multi-polar world.

Regis wonders if the neocons in the U.S. will take the whole world down with them in a nuclear Armageddon when they realize they’ve lost their empire.

Regis says the new Prime Minister of UK, Liz Truss, said she’s open to pressing the button for nuclear missiles.

Bruce says, “One example clear example we have today is that the U.S. and NATO are encouraging Zelensky to continually bomb the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant… with bombs provide by NATO.” That’s plausible. Where is the evidence for it?

Regis says that there may not be anyone crazy enough to press the nuclear button, but nuclear war could happen by miscalculation.

Bruce says that now Ukraine is requesting longer range missiles that could attack Russia. He says that Zelensky doesn’t say anything that’s not been handed in a script from the CIA.

Regis says that Putin has repeatedly said that any attack on the motherland of Russia, including Crimea, would be met with an overwhelming nuclear attack, not only on Ukraine.

Bruce: “I think the U.S., just as it created this mess in Ukraine, are now intending to do the same thing in China, using Taiwan as a hammer, just as they used Ukraine as a hammer.” They’ve expanded NATO into the Asia-Pacific. They want to cause regime change in China. “Clearly this is what they’re up to.”

I say: it took time for Americans to realize the stupidity and costs of the disastrous wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, South America and elsewhere..

Likewise, it will take time for Americans to realize they’ve been deceived about the causes of the proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. Numerous senior U.S. diplomats agree, and the truth will eventually come out.

Sometimes, I think, people are afraid to speak the truth because it’s too shocking, like in The Emperor Has No Clothes. I’m thinking of writing an article The Empire Has No Clothes (c)!