Real Change's 99 to 1 discussion groups

Real Change Reads is a new program that brings people together to discuss books that matter, and launches this month with 99 to 1: How Wealth Inequality is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It. Real Change Reads builds relationships across class to identify common interests and create a movement for economic justice. Reading groups begin meeting in homes, libraries, and places of worship this July, and will have the opportunity to meet author/activist Chuck Collins on September 20 when he keynotes our annual breakfast and is a guest lecturer at The Common Good Café.

99 To 1: How Wealth Inequality Is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It

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  • Brings together for the first time facts and figures showing exactly what “the 99% and the 1%” divide means in the real world and the damage it causes
  • Identifies the social and historical forces that created and perpetuate this divide
  • Offers concrete proposals for closing the inequality gap

For over thirty years, we’ve lived through a radical redistribution of wealth — upward, to a tiny fraction of the population. It’s as though we’re undertaking a bizarre social experiment to see how much inequality a democratic society can tolerate.

As a result “We are the 99%,” the rallying cry of the Occupy movement, has spread far beyond its ranks. But who are the 99 percent? Who are the 1 percent? How extensive and systematic is inequality throughout society? What are its true causes and consequences? How is inequality changing our world? And what can be done about it?




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