Unwelcome changes at wa-democrats.org

I notice something suspicious, or at least unwelcome. Yesterday, when I visited http://www.wa-democrats.org and clicked on “2016 CAUCUS” on the top right, it displayed the statewide caucus result summary, showing prominently that Bernie won over 72% of the vote. Today, it no longer shows that. Instead, it shows several links, the first one being “Caucus Results“. Here’s an image of “2016 CAUCUS” as of Sunday, March 26 at 8:30AM:

WA Dems Caucus page

When you click on that first link (Caucus Results), there’s a table of numbers of county-by-county results. There’s no summary showing how overwhelmingly Bernie won. Here’s an image of the caucus-results page :

WA Dems Caucus Results page

It’s possible the state party is trying to downplay the results.  It’s also possible there are completely innocent reasons for the change.  In any case, it’s an unfortunate change.

If anyone has an image of the page is it appeared last night, please send it to me.

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