Poll: What is the most likely scenario for the future of America?

America must deal with a host of problems: economic decline, resource depletion, reckless militarism, anti-government fear-mongering, population growth, epidemics, rampant corruption, poor education, increased competition from overseas, environmental damage, economic inequality, religious extremism, and bigotry. What do you think is the most likely scenario for the future of America?

Complete disaster: Things get worse quickly; a demagogue takes power and/or chaos ensues.
Slow decline: We slog along as best as we can, while conditions slowly deteriorate.
Status quo: The economy recovers, technological growth and minor reforms prevent disaster.
Redemption: People see the light, kick out the bums, and elect strong progressive leaders.
Technology solves energy, environmental, and resource problems, eliminating conflict.
None of the above. (Explain your theory in the comments, please.)



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