Democratic State House candidate David Spring accuses Gregoire of bribery, endorses Republican Brad Toft

David Spring, a longtime Democratic activist and a candidate for State House in the 5th Legislative District, today accused Governor Gregoire of bribery: “there is abundant evidence that Governor Chris Gregoire gave Republican Senator Cheryl Pflug a one million dollar bribe to help the Democratic Party steal her Senate seat here in East King County. ”

Spring also accused Democratic State Senate candidate Mark Mullet of having “sent out thousands of mailers falsely claiming that his Republican opponent Brad Toft was engaged in a smear campaign against him. But the truth is the exact opposite. Brad Toft has never made any false claim against Mark Mullet. Instead, Brad has focused on the issues. But Mark Mullet has made many malicious attacks against Brad. ”

For details, see Spring’s website

Mr. Spring told me, by telephone, he’s sending out a press release with these charges.  He is aware that releasing these charges a month before an election will be risky and controversial act.  But he says that the wrongness of Gregoire’s acts is common knowledge.  He believes that it is important to hold our leaders accountable.

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