More anti-I-522 propaganda from Big Ag

Yesterday I again got a glossy flier in my mail box containing propaganda against I-522, Washington State’s initiative to require GMO food labeling.

At the bottom of the flier, it says, “Top five contributors: Grocery Manufacturers Association, DuPont Pioneer, Dow AgroScience LLC, Monsanto Company, Bayer CropScience.”

Anti-I-522 propaganda page

The flier contains an anti-I-522 quote by Ken Eikenberry. After the quote it identifies him as “Former Attorney General State of Washington” — which is true, but Eikenberry was also former chair of the Washington State Republican Party.

According to former state legislator Brendan Williams

Those of us who remember Ken Eikenberry as attorney general know he NEVER sided with consumers. Don’t believe the failed ’92 gubernatorial candidate NOW. Disappoint Monsanto & Dow Chemical; vote YES on I-522.

The No on 522 campaign’s website is The Yes campaign’s website is

So far I have gotten no such fliers from the Yes on I-522 campaign.

According to the AP and the Seattle-PI, “Five corporations and a trade group representing food manufacturers have largely financed efforts to defeat Initiative 522, raising $17.2 million so far, according to the latest campaign finance reports. Supporters including Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and natural food companies have raised $4.7 million.”

“In California last year, voters narrowly rejected a GMO-labeling measure after opponents mounted a $46 million defense [sic]. Proponents raised $9.2 million”


Anti-I-522 propaganda page

Anti-I-522 propaganda page

Meanwhile, the Tri-City Herald is reporting, in Farmer wants to protect growers from GMO seeds, that a farmer discovered that GMO alfalfa was somehow mixed in with his crop.

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