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Looking for a Second Political Party

I know there is a lot of talk about how hard it is to start a third political party and there is no doubt that the talk is true. Large political swings that realign the political parties in the US are rare, but the political history of the US is about the swings. Whigs and Tories, Bull Moose and Know Nothing parties. These things come and go and right now we have the appearance of a two party system: the dems on the left and the repubs on the right, but the truth is that we have dems in center/right and the repubs in right to hard right. Courtesy Gerolsteiner91 at Wiki Commons

There is no significant left party in the US, only the 25 to 30% of us who identify as left/progressives/liberals/social democrats etc. and we are left to rail at the dem party to move left and lead the country with good public policy that works for all of us. The dem party leaders provide lip service, then do the bidding of the large political contributors – the deciders, the haves and have-mores who control the political agenda of the dem and repub party. Don’t kid yourself about that. Just look at the need to provide Medicare for Everyone, a national health insurance policy that could/would have left the insurance industry scrambling to compete for Medigap insurance coverage, but instead we could not even get a public option, we got Health Insurance for Everyone – The Pay Up health care system doubled down on us.

So when will a political realignment occur that will put a left political party on the scene? Who knows? These changes are like the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement and more. The political shift will occur when the time is right. There is work to be done having the options available when the body politic wakes up and says, that’s it, I have had it with the Dems and Repubs.

Here are some options that are already established and waiting, or developing:

The Green Party – Another U.S. is Possible, Another Party is Necessary (a political party that is established and global)

Americans Elect – Pick a President, Not a Party (doesn’t look like a political party in the making?)

Justice Party – Economic, Environmental, Social and Civic Justice for All (Rocky Anderson’s party platform is the basis at this point)

Are there others that are forming or on the scene?



2 Replies to “Looking for a Second Political Party

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Socialist (Worker’s) Party, though I myself am not a supporter. I presume you figure such a party has no chance in America.

    For a progressive third party to succeed you’d have to peel off millions of progressives from the Democratic Party.

  2. No, presumption is incorrect. I am always pressed for time on blogging and just didn’t think of the Socialist Party. I think it is a weak option because of the baggage that goes with socialism, the demonization of socialization that has occurred in the USA over the past century. Ironically, socialism has been demonized in about the same period of time when socialist programs like Medicare and Social Security have become popular american icons.

    I am talking about a second party however. We are currently given a choice of two wings of the 1% party. I am thinking of a party for the 99%. Such a party would be profoundly committed to single payer health care, to ending the war on drugs, to re-establishing a steeply progressive tax table that would level the playing field, to funding education, to ending the privatization of public services – prisons, etc., to aggressive protection of clean air and water, to development of a green energy grid. The projects of a 99% party would require a lot of money, there is only one place in the federal budget where we could find that kind of money. It’s in a 5-sided building back east somewhere. Neither wing of the corporatist party will touch the funding of the military-industrial complex. God Bless Eisenhower for speaking truth to power.

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