It's time to get organized about transit!

On June 30 we learned that the State Senate would not pass a local transit funding option – or any transportation package at all, for that matter – this session. Now King County Metro is preparing to cut our bus service by a whopping 17%.

The failure of certain of our elected representatives in Olympia is irresponsible and unacceptable, and we won’t stand for it. We’re planning our strategy for the coming months. But as a first step, TRU is working will allies to hold a demonstration and rally at noon on Saturday, July 20. We’re all going get together to ask the question: WTF, Olympia?! – which, as we all know, stands for “Where’s The Funding???”

What can you do? Come to the demonstration, and bring your friends. Spread the word on Facebook, and by printing and distributing flyers and posters. Do you ride a route that will be cut? Give this flyer to your fellow riders!  Contact us to find out how else you can volunteer. And join the Transit Riders Union.

Let’s fight to save our buses!

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