Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? March 16 – 21 at The Olympia Film Society

Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? – a groundbreaking feature documentary – is coming to Washington, courtesy of The Olympia Film Society.

Watch the trailer:

Narrated by America’s #1 Progressive radio talk show host and New York Times Bestselling Author Thom Hartmann, Heist reveals the infuriating details behind the economic crisis that will make your blood boil and then offers real solutions that are energizing and inspiring audiences everywhere. The filmmakers, my longtime friends and political allies, have done a brilliant job.

Heist is the rallying cry of the 99%, who can take this moment in history and transform the American economic and political landscape through information-sharing and direct action. Heist is a warning as well as a vision of a new future. Heist is a tool for popular education: early viewers in California and New York have come away from the film feeling that they understand who broke the economy and how, and knowing what is needed to fix it.

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Listen to an interview

with film directors Frances Causey and Don Goldmacher on Virtually Speaking’s BlogTalkRadio podcast Click here for interview

Critics are praising Heist…

— Stephen Holden, writing for the New York Times ‘Heist’…“has the virtue of taking the long view of a crisis that recent films like “Inside Job” and “Too Big to Fail” have only sketchily explored. It makes a strong case that government regulation of business is essential for democracy to flourish.

— Dennis Harvey for Variety penned… “Heist is well timed as a one-stop summary of reasons for ordinary Americans to be furious at our financial systems.”

— Linda Milazzo in Huffington Post  “Heist is a movie for the movement…As the Occupy Wall Street movement pushes forward, evolving daily in mission and meaning, its cinematic companion has arrived on the scene.”

Basil Tsiokos, in what (not) to doc “Causey and Goldmacher’s film cogently argues that the economic collapse is a direct result of decades of deregulation in various forms at the service of corporations…”

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There are only two kinds of power in America: organized money and organized people.

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