My Inbox is filled with outraged emails from advocacy groups concerned about the President’s plan to cut Social Security.

The government spends trillions of dollars on corrupt, immoral, disastrous wars; on bailouts for the very banks that crashed the economy; and on tax breaks and subsidies for corporations.   It is unacceptable that they want to cut Social Security, which hasn’t contributed a penny to the deficits.

As Credo Mobile says, “The outrage is justified. President Obama wants to cut Social Security benefits. And Medicare benefits. Signing a petition is not enough. Send a clear message: Any member of Congress who votes to cut Social Security or Medicare benefits does not deserve to be re-elected.”

Use the following Credo Mobile page to send a message to your federal lawmakers:

The message it will send defaults to

As a constituent, I strongly urge you to vote against cuts in Social Security or Medicare benefits. If you vote for any such cuts — even under pressure from the White House or congressional leaders — I will oppose your re-election the next time I see your name on my ballot.