Chat GPT-3.5, write me a poem about unbidden blessings and curses

I asked OpenAI’s Chat GPT-3.5:  “Write me a poem about the fact that both blessings from God and curses from the devil seem to come uninvited. I seem to have little control over my life.” (I don’t really believe in the God or the devil, but the metaphors are apt.)  Here’s what Chat GPT-3.5 wrote:

First version

In the realm where blessings and curses meet,
Unbidden they arrive, in life’s mystic fleet,
Neither invited, yet they dance in stride,
A tapestry woven, with fate as their guide.

From heavens high, where divine blessings reside,
To depths of shadows, where darkness does hide,
They journey forth, like whispers in the night,
Both blessings from God, and curses, their blight.

No map to navigate, no compass to wield,
We drift on the currents fate has concealed,
With little control, our vessel’s course set,
Destiny’s dice rolled, a game of chance, we bet.

Blessings, like gentle raindrops, softly descend,
Nourishing our souls, each one a godsend,
They grace our lives, with joy and tender grace,
A touch of heaven’s hand, an embrace.

Yet, lurking in the shadows, the curses creep,
Their venomous touch, like wounds too deep,
They test our strength, our faith put to the test,
A haunting reminder, life’s hardest quest.

But in this delicate dance of blessings and blight,
We find the power to endure the darkest night,
For within our hearts, a spark of resilience glows,
A flicker of hope, when life’s tempest blows.

Remember, dear soul, as life’s tapestry unfurls,
Though blessings and curses seem to rule our world,
In every hardship, a hidden blessing may reside,
And every blessing, a lesson for us to abide.

For in the ebb and flow of life’s ceaseless tide,
We learn to cherish blessings, and curses, to ride,
Though uninvited they come, in their mysterious way,
They shape us, define us, on this earthly display.

So, let us surrender to the unknown’s grand design,
Embrace both blessings and curses, yours and mine,
For it is in the acceptance of life’s sacred decree,
That we find the true essence of being free.

Second version

In the tapestry of life’s design,
A paradox unfolds, entwined,
For blessings bright and curses grim,
Seem to arrive without a whim.

From heaven’s grace, sweet blessings rain,
Like whispers from an angel’s train,
They descend upon us, unearned,
In moments when our hearts have yearned.

Yet, just as day turns into night,
The devil dances with delight,
His curses cast, like shadows deep,
Disturbing dreams, disrupting sleep.

Both blessings and curses, uninvited,
We stand as humans, all united,
For life’s path we cannot sway,
But find solace in each passing day.

In the tender bloom of dawn’s embrace,
When sunshine paints our hopes with grace,
We see God’s hand, a gentle guide,
Walking steadfastly by our side.

And when the devil’s shadows loom,
Engulfing us in moments of gloom,
We gather strength, our souls held tight,
To weather storms and face the night.

Though control may seem elusive, dear,
Within life’s tempest, void of clear,
We find our purpose, courage strong,
To dance amid the rights and wrongs.

For in the midst of the unknown,
Our spirits rise, resilience grown,
With faith as anchor, hope our light,
We navigate through darkest night.

So fear not, dear soul, in the ebb and flow,
Both blessings and curses freely bestow,
For in surrender, we find release,
And in acceptance, we find our peace.

In every twist and turn we trace,
The tapestry of life finds its place,
With blessings from God and curses grim,
Uninvited, yet we’ll find joy within.