Big protest at Westlake Park, noon Saturday

Progressives of all stripes are converging at Westlake Center in Seattle tomorrow at noon for a big protest against corruption and injustice.

Joining hundreds of similar protests around the country, activists will be saying loud and clear: We’re fed up with the out-of-control corruption, war-mongering, injustice, and lack of accountability of our political system. The government has been serving the 1%: the CEOs, military contractors, and billionaires. It needs to serve the other 99% of us.

For thirty years Republicans and conservative (“centrist”) Democrats have been waging and winning class warfare against the middle class, by cutting taxes for the rich, shipping jobs and profits overseas, recklessly deregulating industry and banking, and using the manufactured deficits as an excuse to savage the social safety net.

Westlake Park is easily accessible by public transportation: bus or light rail. Get off at Westlake Center.

Be there or be square.

Here’s an 8 minute, positive news story video about the large protest in Portland, OR.

Reference: Labor backs ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement.

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