Citizens United Election integrity Washington State Politics

Citizens United bill stalled in State Senate

Please sign onto the petition to get the WA state legislature to pass a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment clarifying that: Only human beings, not corporations, are persons under the United States Constitution. Money is not speech and the donation of money to a political campaign is not a form of constitutionally protected speech.Therefore regulating […]


Conference call about indefinite detention and the NDAA, with Rocky Anderson

You are invited to participate in this conference call on the NDAA and indefinite detention.  Shahid Bhuttar and Rocky Anderson will speak, and there will be time for questions You are invited to participate:  Indefinite Detention Conference Call, Saturday, March 9 Part of the Justice Party mission is to raise awareness, inspire, organize, and […]

Coal Trains Washington State Politics

State Senate bill would fast-track coal exports

Please take action asap and help send this around. It is urgent that Washington State stops the Dirty Coal Trains in their tracks. Dear Linda, Please take 2 minutes before you start your day to call the toll-free Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000, and ask your Senator to vote no on Senate Bill 5805. This bill […]

Bob Hasegawa Public Bank

SB 5029 – Creating the Washington investment trust update

Friends, We need a state bank. Not much good will come out of the legislature this year, but we must continue to push the state bank idea forward. We can make our money go further, reduce state debt, and keep investing in our own state economy. It doesn’t hurt that this bill would take our […]

Education Rocky Anderson Washington State Politics

Scrap the MAP!

Dear Seattle teachers, Thank you for refusing to administer the MAP test. You are to be applauded for having the courage to take a stand against the fixation on high-stakes testing and its harmful impact on students. The Justice Party of Washington State supports the rights of students to receive a high-quality public education. They […]


You're Invited–Justice Party USA Electronic Gathering

Working Together to Solve America’s Problems At no time in the last century have so few held so much of our nation’s wealth, nor have our children faced less prosperity than their forebears. The two-party system has failed us. The moment has come for American citizens to come together for our mutual benefit to solve […]

Bob Hasegawa Public Bank Washington State Politics

State Bank hearing Feb 14 in Olympia

Chio Saeteurn, Legislative Assistant to State Sen. Bob Hasegawa reports: On behalf of Senator Hasegawa, I am pleased to inform you that SB 5029, Creating the Washington investment trust, has been scheduled for a public hearing on Thursday, February 14th at 1:30 pm in the Senate Committee of Financial Institutions and Housing & Insurance, Senate […]

Bob Hasegawa Public Bank Washington State Politics

Action: Support the Senate's Washington Investment Trust bill

Senator Hasegawa has introduced a bill in the Senate.  #5029   The bill has 10 co-sponsors: Chase, Shin, Conway, Rolfes, Darneille, Hargrove, Keiser, Kohl-Welles, Kline and Frockt.   It has been referred to the Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee.  There was no hearing date as of today 2/4/13.  You can find a copy of the bill here: […]

Obama Rocky Anderson Role of government War

Obama Reportedly Considering Intervention In Syrian Civil War

One reason I supported Rocky Anderson for president on the Justice Party ticket is that he remembers that only congress has the power to declare war. ANDERSON: I think the important issue here is that we went into Libya, joined with our allies, without any authorization from Congress. This is the real long-term question that […]