It's our action now

It’s up to us, we the people, if we want to save life on earth and build a better world for all. The 1% cannot and will not save us. They are afflicted with the deadly greed disease. The two major parties will not save us, the police and military will not save us; they are all owned and their power usurped by the 1%. We cannot unite under the banner of resistance groups with a great leader anymore. They will out our leaders just like they took out such people as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and others who take a stand for people.

We cannot have a violent revolution to set things right. When we resist violently to bring justice the 1% will use police and military power against us with deadly force. The 1% can’t help it, they are drugged with greed for power and wealth. They have indoctrinated our kids in schools to become good sycophants to their cause. Get smart, get a good job with their corporations and get ahead of everybody else. Students are trained to become good employees for the corporations owned by the 1%. Liberal arts have been denigrated. The game is to win. That is all that matters, compete and beat, that is what our world has become.

Let’s meditate on this a bit. Look where it has gotten us. We are in constant wars, our planet has been brought to the point of total destruction and disaster. Our air is polluted, our lakes, rivers and now the oceans are polluted and dying, all for their profit. We have created all kinds of technological developments. Every time something good is invented that can benefit people, they turn it around and use it against us and their other so-called enemies.

From the 1%’s viewpoint everything is positive and wonderful. They own over 50% of the wealth and can live in luxury. They can buy anything they want including our police, our military, our judiciary, our Congress and the executive branch. The rest of us do not matter. If we are not a consumer of their products or serve in their employment we are useless humanity. What happens to us doesn’t matter.

Okay, I’ve spelled it out; our world is in the deadly grip of the 1%. So what can we do about it? We must recognize and utilize our own power. Without us to do their work and consume their products the 1% is helpless and their power is broken. That’s it, we must break their power and build alternative sources to fill our needs. That’s what the capitalists did to conquer the feudal age. They built alternatives and made nobles superfluous. Now it is their turn to be replaced since they exploit rather than serve us.

Like I said, at this point we can’t organize groups to take corrective action. They will take out our leaders and come down with deadly force. Look at what happens in the rest of the world. When people in other countries try to organize and throw off the outside yoke of imperialism, drones take out their leaders, their citizens are bombed to hell and we buy their BS that they have taken out “the enemy.”

What can we do to change all of this? As organized groups, not much at this time, because of their deadly force. We must first break their power. We each must take personal responsibility. Start dealing with local folks to fill our needs. Get out of debt and quit borrowing money from their banks and credit cards. Buy from local farmers and merchants, who are there mainly to fill needs and make a living rather than huge profits. Get yourself a small piece of ground or use your backyard to start growing more food. Quit wasting your backyard on grass for appearances. Learn how to preserve food for the off seasons. If you have no need to grow food, do it anyway to learn how and to help others trapped in landlord-owned apartments. What you don’t need, give it away to help others become independent of the big corporations. Food and shelter are the first two basics. If we have these without having to depend on the big corporations, that is the path to freedom. If we work for a corporation that is exploiting others, making killing machines, or polluting our world, try to get away from them as quickly as you can. If we work at making their products to kill others, or destroy our environment we are part of the problem. It doesn’t make any difference how much money we make as a sycophant to them; it is not worth it if we are helping to bring death to life on earth. We really don’t need all this stuff they sucker us into buying with their advertising. If we can get an acre of this good Earth, feed ourselves and start rebuilding the soil, we become independent. If nothing else, use our backyards or sack-bags of dirt to grow vegetables. Treat land as sacred, it is here for all life.

We must demand that the UN has the power to hold war makers and those who abuse others to account. If we can’t make the UN do its duty, we must organize an international People’s Tribunal that will take action to hold war makers and polluters accountable. In the future we must settle our conflicts by law and courts rather than war.

We are better off when we cooperate and share rather than compete and beat. The state does not give life, therefore; the state does not have the right to take life. Let’s discipline ourselves and cut down on the world’s population explosion. Once we have broken the power of the 1%, we must change the system to register all people of legal age to vote regardless of circumstances. We must set up term limits and public financing for elections. Those people and corporations who utilize our public airways shall be required to dedicate 20% of each broadcast timeslot for 30 days prior to elections, as a royalty due the people, to be used by qualified registered candidates.

We shall create a world based on laws that bring justice for all. We shall develop an international power to hold war makers and exploiters to account. We start by taking individual responsibility, withdrawing our support and cease cooperating in their deadly game of destruction for profit. Resources of this earth are here for all life and not just for a few rich grabbers who take more than their share. Why should one person accumulate enough for 1000 lifetimes and 1000 families go hungry? Let’s start thinking about what personal action we can take. It is with our combined personal action that we shall end their power. We must stop allowing them to use people against each other. With life on earth we are all in the same boat, so let’s start bailing, even if we have but a thimble to use.

Let's get aboard

Now that most of us have voted or will have done so shortly, what comes next? You may not have gotten aboard for this election, but let’s grab the future.  Most likely, unless we do something ourselves, there won’t be any change but more of the same downhill ride with the two 1% parties. Many people hold their noses and vote for the lesser of two evils, thinking they had little choice but to do so. But, we truly do have an alternative if we will unite and accept the responsibility for changing things.

The people selected by the two major parties and put in power by our rigged election system are not going to change anything except make things worse until they feel threatened. If this happens, they will throw us a few crumbs until things settle down, then it’s back to the same old business of doing the bidding of the 1%.

Our politicians have the power, right now, to take the money out of the elections, to limit the amount of money and time spent on elections, and even to make the elections public-financed. They could require the broadcast companies to devote 20% of their broadcast time 30 days before the elections as a royalty due the citizens for the free use of our airwaves. This time would be for the free and equal use of candidates running for office. They could enact a fair tax code and close the loopholes that benefit only the 1%. But as long as big money is involved in our politics, these changes won’t happen.

As long as they are able to deny the vote to many of our citizens, the 1% rule, and we have lost the sovereignty of the people.  This loss of citizen sovereignty is why we all need to get aboard.  We must unite and organize to make the changes that will save our nation and reclaim our democracy from the claws of the predatory 1%.  Let’s all get aboard and make it happen. When they utilize their money to rule us that is when we say “NO MORE

Rocky Anderson of the new Justice Party is the rising star to lead and help us rebuild a new United States of America that we can once again be proud of.  Join the Justice Party and let’s fill up our Senate, House of Representatives, the state houses, and local community offices with real patriots who will support the American people. Then let’s put Rocky Anderson in the White House in 2016.  Let’s start talking and acting like WE MEAN BUSINESS.

Click here to see who really stands with you at voterocky.org.

http://www.youtube.com/user/rockyanderson1Vote Rocky YouTube


Copyleft 2012 J. Glenn Evans

(Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

Show them who's boss

Let’s show Wall Street, CEOs of mega-corporation, the international banksters and their lapdogs the Democrat and Republican Parties just who are the real bosses in this country.  Both the Democratic and the Republican Parties smugly rest assured knowing that you will vote for one party or the other because they have set the stage to keep all others out.  Each party knows they will have their turn, because the same 1% control both parties.  They have become the two-headed corporate party.  Because the same groups control our state legislatures, they have been able to create obstacles limiting ballot access to newly formed parties and essentially disenfranchise many of our citizens by their rules and regulations.  Using the corporate media and celebrative distractions they have been able to put many of our citizens to sleep as to what has really been happening in our country.

WE THE PEOPLE should knock them off their smug pedestals by not voting Democrat or Republican.  The Democratic Party knows that you will vote for them as the lesser of two evils, so they don’t need to listen to you.  Voting for the lesser of two evils has become an addiction that allows both parties to control us.  Vote for progressive independents, third party candidates or write in the third party candidate’s names if he or she is not listed on the ballot of your state.  In fact, in my opinion, a vote for any other party, or progressive independent that denies a vote to these two rogue parties is an act of true patriotism. 

Rocky Anderson of the Justice party, running for president along with his vice president running mate, Luis Rodriguez, are in my opinion, the best candidates running for those offices.  Rocky Anderson, while serving two terms in the executive position of mayor of Salt Lake City, reduced the city’s pollution by 30 percent.  He also has a proven record of standing up for human rights and protection of the environment, so critical in these days of climate change.  Both Rocky and Luis have records of standing up for justice for all.  If you have not been voting because of apathy over the available choices or have become disenfranchised Democrats or Republican because your representatives no longer listen to you as individual citizens, come join us. I also encourage you to check the links below to see Rocky’s stand on the critical issues that WE THE PEOPLE are concerned about and how we can regain our Democracy.  Show the Democratic and Republican duopolies that WE THE PEOPLE are the true bosses of this country and show them the door.

Copyleft 2012 J. Glenn Evans


American People's Congress


In a country as rich as ours it is unconscionable that people sleep on the streets, go hungry, lack basic health care, and remain uneducated. The United States is the only Western nation that fails to provide for the basic needs of its most vulnerable citizens. Those who are willing and able to work should be gainfully employed to use his or her skills and talents to contribute to our country’s prosperity and to the common good.

We must engage our imaginations, our brains and our talents in a partnership with the main street sector and the government to best utilize the resources that will advance the welfare of all citizens. We must return to being a nation of producers, rather than gambling our future with speculation by paper. We must repair the damage done to the land by plunderers in their greed for profit. We must work to rebuild our family farms, create opportunities for small businesses and political and economic justice for all regardless of race and gender. We respect the right of private property, but we must maintain an equitable balance for the welfare of citizens with laws that are just and taxation that is fair. We must work with the family of nations to maintain peace and justice in a world for all its citizens. We must change the election laws to allow independent parties and all eligible citizens an opportunity to participate in the election system.

AMERICAN PEOPLE’S CONGRESS, an organization leading a movement to restore sanity to our government through a coalition of organizations and citizens to bring pressure for the necessary changes to restore government to the sovereign people of American. They mean business and I sincerely believe this group deserves your attention and support. If you have any questions or have an organization that would like to participate please feel free to contact the founder, John Mulkins at johnmulkins@peoplescongress.org

J. Glenn Evans
Managing Director

Activists for a Better World


It is the intention of the People’s Congress to secure change directly in accordance with the will of the People and the principles established by our Constitution. We seek an end to the systemic dysfunction within our government by demanding and securing the Common Sense remedies required to re-balance the wheels of Democracy.


We seek a just and sustainable Society through specific reforms.
We demand an end to the Corporate takeover of our Government.
We demand a truly representational and transparent Electoral System
We demand a more democratic media accountable to the People
We demand open and transparent Policy making.

To this end The People’s Congress will write the fundamental legislative remedies and with the full force and vigor of the People’s Congress present them to our Representatives for ratification.

The People’s Congress will remain in place, united voices, to express our collective will and determination, with continued vigilance, until true Democracy has been restored to our Nation.


The call for a People’s Congress went out in February, 2011 as an on-line proposal to directly address the growing concerns about the system of governance which has evolved in D.C. over the past several decades, The proposal was first drafted by John Mulkins in 2005, and was then adopted by the Northwestern Region of the Reform Party as a part of their National Platform. Unfortunately, the movement for a People’s Congress did not go much further due to several factors, and the web site was taken down until this year.

In 2011, with the encouragement of his sister, John Mulkins registered the domain peoplescongress.org, and transferred the site to it’s current home. Subsequently, several activists from around the country heard about the proposal and a formed a group of all volunteer organizers to redesign the original web site. The current site is the result of that collaboration.

After 3 months of diligent effort, this team of volunteers produced the current web site, forums, classrooms and discussion boards. This group is currently the Executive Committee of the People’s Congress, and will be operating the web site and associated portals for the immediate future.

Currently outreach is in it’s “soft” phase. The Ex Com is looking for specific partnerships and alliances which it feels will best foster the right environment for a healthy Steering Committee and sub committees. Given the momentum of the Occupy Movement, it is becoming more of a priority to share ideas concerning the overall strategy and goals of the Movement. Peoples Congress fully supports the Occupy Movement and it’s decisions. We are here to provide additional resources and ideas should that be helpful, and we will advocate for our Agenda within the Occupy Movement as equal partners with other members of the Movement. When a better solution to the ongoing emergency in Washington evolves, we will be eager to support it.

We are and will remain a grass-roots coalition of individuals and organizations advocating to sponsor a game changing event in Washington, The Peoples Congress is a citizens organization aimed at ensuring that US governance policies are in alignment the “People’s Will” Because the National Legislature is currently broken and unable to restore itself, this responsibility has fallen on “WE the PEOPLE”

The Four Main Tenets of the People’s Congress Are:

Reform the Way we Govern Corporations
End Rigged Elections.
Restore our Media.
Transparency in Government Policy-Making

The people’s Congress is an invitation to form a broad based coalition of

organizations and individuals committed to meaningful and immediate reform of our Congress, our Elections, our Media and Policy-making Agencies. Participating groups understand that the essential obstruction to a more just society is the undue influence of corporate power on Congress. Because this power asserts itself on our elected officials, our elections, our media, our environment, our schools, our financial institutions, and because it ultimately threatens our biosphere, we have no choice but to challenge this power directly. The People’s Congress is a concise, focused and simply structured vehicle organized solely to address the obvious institutionalized practices that enable a very broken Congress to appear normal. Together we seek to re-balance our democratic institutions.

Participating organizations will determine how Members of the People’s Congress will be selected and will nominate as many as 1,535 Members to be seated in the People’s Congress on the Mall. Members will vote on legislation reflecting the concerns of the Agenda and send the legislation on the same day to the national legislature for consideration. It is the goal of the People’s Congress to pass this legally binding legislation in order to reclaim our democracy and to restore the common good.

“A pure democracy is a society consisting of a small number of citizens, who assemble and administer the government in person.” —James Madison

The People’s Congress will be held for 5 consecutive days, of which 3 days will be dedicated to the passage of specific reforms. Throughout those 3 days, legislation will be marched to the Capitol Building by the People’s Ambassadors, who will also be selected by participating organizations. Each Ambassador will lead a Parade to accompany him or her on the route to the Capitol Building. The Ambassador Parades will feature both Donkeys and Elephants and will portray a theme representing the legislation being delivered to Congress. People on stilts, floats, balloons, music, flags and lots of costumes and color will make this an irresistible media event. The People’s Congress and Ambassador’s Parades are the central focus of this call to action. It is through the specific legislation, spectacle and tenor of this event that we acquire both meaning, power, and results.

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

CONTACT: John Mulkins

Copyleft 2011 J. Glenn Evans

An open letter to Senator Patty Murray, members of Congress, and the Super Committee

The budget deficit

The wrong steps taken by the Bush and Obama administrations and enabled by Congress following 9/11 by as yet unproven individuals has compromised America’s economy and actually weakened its security. The minions in government displayed incredible incompetence and downright dishonesty in the government’s response. Bush, Obama and Congress also took this nation into war on credit while giving tax cuts to the wealthy and to corporations. The costs of these endless wars and the continued tax cuts are the direct cause of today’s budget deficit. To add to the venality, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve committed fraud in the housing bubble that led to a consumer boom and bust.

Economist Joseph Stiglich estimated the cost of the government’s colossal and blundered wars at $3-5 trillion and the costs are still mounting. These costs include that of returning troops who will require disability payments, estimated at $600-900 billion. This does not take into account the incalculable social costs, reflected in veteran suicides, family break-ups, etc.

Working Americans, the poor and senior citizens have not contributed one dime to the budget deficit. Social Security is a trust fund paid into by working Americans and that fund is on course to be solvent for at least two decades. Congress “borrows” from the trust fund, then relabels it as an “entitlement”, a pejorative label, and dumps the repayment obligation into the general fund. Social Security is a trust fund, not an entitlement!! Obama now wants Congress to renew the 2% payroll tax cut approved in December, which predictably will jeopardize future Social Security recipients. This just plays into the hands of those in Congress who want to privatize Social Security and let Wall Street get its hands on the trust fund.

The makeup of the so-called Super Committee sends a mixed message and gives the impression that vested interests will prevail. As noted in accompanying materials, its members are recipients of huge bribes from Wall Street and other special interests. Two Democrats serve on the Senate Finance Committee. Senator Murray is from a state with huge military interests.

Congress, the Extreme Court and both houses of Congress are totally corrupt. The construction of a so-called Super Committee demonstrates yet again the total disconnect between Congress and the American people. Congress has abdicated its responsibility by delegating the final decision-making on the budget to a “gang of twelve.” We remember back in the sixties, Mario Savio said, “There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious — makes you so sick at heart — that you can’t take part. You can’t even passively take part. And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.”

You cannot point to an austerity program that improved the economic health of a nation. This fight is a no-brainer and it is a fight that must not be compromised by Obama or by the so-called Super Committee. All the gimmickry and political theater must be discarded and discussion must focus on economic and social justice. Otherwise, you will be responsible for incalculable and unforeseen consequences. Are you willing to take this risk?

Failure of Congress to represent the interests of the American people

Virtually every problem facing this nation can be laid at the feet of Congress, as outlined below:

Ongoing wars of aggression and military occupation of other countries and maintaining more than 700 military bases around the globe. Unlimited spending on predatory foreign wars while our infrastructure crumbles and our people go hungry and unsheltered. The military budget of the US exceeds that of all other nations combined. Why does the US continue to occupy Okinawa? The Japanese people do not want US military stationed there.

Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act that allowed the fraudulent speculation extravaganza that caused the financial meltdown. Bailouts of the Wall Street casinos with little or no regulatory oversight. Failure to hold banksters accountable for their criminal actions.and then taking no corrective action to prevent the reoccurrence of fraudulent activity by Wall Street banksters.

Maintaining unfair tax programs that allow loopholes and excessive tax breaks for the rich and the corporations to the neglect of the working and middle class that allows an undue proportion of the nation’s wealth to accumulate in the hands of a few to the neglect of the many. The resources of the earth are here for all life, not for just a select few. Why should certain people be able to accumulate enough wealth for a 1,000 lifetimes while 1,000 people go hungry?

Allowing corporate welfare and corporate interests to prevail at the expense of the general welfare of the citizens of this nation.

Failure to provide a responsible health care system for the American people. Seventy percent of the American people and sixty percent of the doctors in this nation want Single Payer health system, one that would cost less per capita and provide improved health care outcomes. Congress repeatedly ignores public opinion and denigrates the participation of citizens in the political process. What Congress did pass was a free ride for the insurance industry. Congress even passed legislation banning negotiations on drug pricing.

Defunding of regulatory agencies and departments, including EPA, FDA, Food Safety and Inspection, Education, etc.

Ongoing funding of the so-called war on drugs: Legalization and regulation would eliminate or reduce the criminal elements, including the exportation of arms into Mexico, reduce the costs to taxpayers of the myriad federal agencies involved, reduce the cost and number of people being incarcerated, and add to the tax base by collection of tax revenues.

Eliminating the usury laws that allow predatory lending on the unwary and helpless.

Allowing the exponential rise in secret national security agencies to commit all kinds of crimes against humanity, including assassination of leaders in other countries under the guise of fighting terrorism. We can expect a flurry of lawsuits being filed by citizens of other nations who have been subject to rendition, torture, unlawful imprisonment, and military courts, all abetted by both administrations and Congress.

Passage of laws without reading them, including the Patriot Act, and failure to take action to rescind the most offensive provisions. Failure of oversight of Homeland Security and myriad other federal agencies that abuse the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

Lack of Congressional reforms to set term limits, limit campaign funding and time spent on reelection campaigning. We elect representatives to represent citizens of this nation, not spend their paid time campaigning and seeking campaign funds for the next election months, even years ahead of time. Members of both houses of Congress act to favor their careers, rather than as representatives of their constituents.

Lack of follow-through from Congressional committee hearings that leads to a feeling of no confidence by American citizens in the government. Committee hearings have been compared to dog and pony shows.

Failure of Congress to impeach members of the Extreme Court in its Citizens United decision, a decision that undermines the will and participation of the American people in decision-making affecting their own welfare.

Allowing and encouraging the privatization of our public schools, prisons, and other vital systems that belong in the public sector.

Contracting private security firms to do the jobs that government agencies and the military should be doing at much lower costs to the taxpayers.

Continuing to fund the rogue state of Israel that has been committing crimes against humanity in Palestine and killing American citizens, including the crew on the USS Liberty, Rachael Corrie and Furkan Dogan, with no compensation and no apologies. The US government takes no responsibility for the safety of its own citizens.

Failure to provide a thorough investigation of 9/11 and bringing to justice those actually responsible.

Failure to conduct hearings into the war crimes of the Bush Administration.

Media consolidation: The Telecommunications Act of 1996 was supposed to increase competition but its failures are demonstrated in the weakness of the Fairness doctrine and other abuses. Media consolidation has resulted in a general dumbing down of the general public.

The blatant hypocrisy of the US government in its rhetoric and its actual policies on its relationships with dictators throughout the world and specifically that of Saddam Hussein and Colonel Muammar Qaddaffi, and others, too numerous to name here.

The abdication of Congress in transferring the responsibility for printing the currency of this nation from the US Treasury to the Federal Reserve and then paying interest on its loans.

Remember that the US Constitution places the sovereignty of this nation with the people, not with Congress, its legions of lobbyists, the corporations, the Extreme Court, or the White House.

Congress, as an institution, is a failure. The system is broken.

Submitted by Barbara & J. Glenn Evans / Seattle 98101

Copyleft 2011 J. Glenn Evans and Barbara Evans
(Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

J. Glenn Evans, Managing Director

J. Glenn Evans
Founder of Activists for a Better World, PoetsWest and hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a weekly radio show, and is author of four books of poetry: Deadly Mistress, Window in the Sky, Seattle Poems and Buffalo Tracks, author of two novels, Broker Jim and Zeke’s Revenge, several political essays including a chapbook called Uncommon Common Sense. Evans is a former stockbroker-investment banker, part Cherokee and native of Oklahoma and has lived in Seattle since 1960. Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain, with Mark Miller, staring Slim Pickens. Evans, an award-wining poet and in addition to poetry books is author several local community histories including a history of Seattle’s Pike Place Market and has been published many literary Journals. Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.