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Freedom Foundation protest coverage by the Bellevue Reporter

On September 28, hundreds of people protested the annual dinner of the Freedom Foundation in Bellevue, where the guest speaker was renowned racist Dinesh D’Souza. The Bellevue Reporter print edition had an excellent piece about the protest, including content critical of D’Souza and Trump. Oddly, though, the Bellevue Reporter website doesn’t, as of the time […]


An example of how Repugs want government to fail

Cities Are Teaming Up to Offer Broadband, and the FCC Is Mad City governments can offer Internet faster and cheaper than the private market can. Repugs hate this idea because it contradicts their deeply held dogmas. The same is true for health care: government-run systems in Europe are cheaper and have better outcomes.


Here come the anti-I1631 ads from the oil companies

The Western States Petroleum Association sent me a glossy attack ad about the carbon tax initiative: Inside the fold, it warns of higher prices. Just this morning I got email from the YesOn1631 group saying: Big oil is trying to buy this election. Chevron has contributed $500,000. Tesoro has contributed $4,362,827. BP has contributed $6,443,709. […]

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Should a progressive vote for Adam Smith or for Sarah Smith in the 9th CD?

I’m on the fence about whether to vote for Adam Smith or Sarah Smith for Congress this year. In short, Adam Smith has more experience, will have more power if elected,  has a decent but mixed voting record, and has moved left as his district has become more progressive. Sarah Smith would more strongly work […]

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Stop the so-called Freedom Foundation from bringing bigot Dinesh D’Souza to Bellevue

I got this email from the Northwest Accountability Project. D’Souza sure is a despicable bigot. I don’t think it’s “censorship” to oppose his appearance. I do not propose denying his free speech rights. I just oppose giving him a platform to spread his disgusting views. The Freedom Foundation has sunk to a new low. Their […]