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Who’s buying votes in Washington State?

The Supreme Court said that political spending is a form of free speech. But they allow states to require donors to submit reports of their spending. Washington State’s Public Disclosure Commission collects such data and makes it available on their website. I downloaded the database of campaign contributions from this link. The database has 3,831,155 […]

Washington State Politics

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Maralyn Chase for State Senate!

by Sue Peters SENATOR MARALYN CHASE is the only candidate in the race with over 16 years of distinguished, award-winning experience in state government as both a representative and senator. CHASE is the only candidate with firsthand knowledge of the state’s legislative processes. And as the legislature’s delegate to the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER), Chase […]

Washington State Politics

Realtor and pro-charter school PACs trying to buy a state senate seat for Jesse Salomon

In the 32nd Legislative District race between progressive incumbent Maralyn Chase and corporate Democrat Jesse Salomon, outside interests are spending big bucks and sending out attack ads against Chase. According to the Public Disclosure Commission’s data, Washington Realtors Political Action Committee and Stand for Children WA PAC (a charter schools PAC funded by billionaries) have […]

Washington State Politics

Scary, nutcase theories of Nathan Choi

The web page https://www.nathanchoiforjudge.org/ of Nathan Choi, candidate for Washington State Supreme Court, is filled with crazy conspiracy theories and misspellings. Normally, such an unqualified and extremist candidate would be no concern against a competent sitting Supreme Court judge, Steven Gonzalez. But a poll indicates that Choi was in the lead. (Watch Justice Steve Gonzalez’s […]

Washington State Politics

Republican Rep. Matt Shea from Spokane calls for biblical law and the killing of opponents

Spokane GOP leader authors ‘Biblical Basis for War’ manifesto calling for end to abortion, same-sex marriage and death of enemies who disagree FBI investigating Washington state rep. for manifesto urging ‘all males will be killed’

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Steve and Connie Ballmer’s political contributions

I downloaded from the state Public Disclosure Commission a database listing contributions to political campaigns and initiatives. The database is for direct contributions to candidates and initiative campaigns. It excludes independent expenditures. So the data shown below are incomplete, but still, I hope, enlightening. You can see in the table below that the Ballmers donated […]

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On political struggle and spiritual acceptance

Ady Barkin wrote an essay in The Nation, I’m Dying. Here Is What I Refuse to Accept With Serenity, about politics, spirituality, and dying. At age 32 he was diagnosed with ALS, and within a few years he was unable to feed himself. He dictated the essay to a friend because he was unable to […]

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The Logic of Lesser-of-two-evilism

Suppose you are being held hostage by deranged criminals who give you an ultimatum: tell them your bank pin number, social security number and other identifying information, or they’ll rape your wife and daughters and mutilate you. As a matter of principle, you oppose giving away your money to criminals — a clear evil. But […]