Why conservatives hate public schools

A few months ago, I published an article Blame Poverty, not Public Schools on OpEdNews.  A conservative (Bill Johnson) wrote a comment that I think is worth quoting.

As I see it, a liberal is a socialist and most socialists are liberals. Both are democrats.

Same thing. Same philosophy.

And they wonder why conservatives don’t like them. Conservatives fought wars and spilled blood for this country. [sic — a lot of Republican leaders were AWOL, but they sent soldiers to die in ill-conceived disastrous wars and then slashed their social services when they returned — so much for supporting our troops].  Democrats want to take it without a fight and public schools has been one their biggest and strongest fields of battle for the minds of our children and they wonder why public schools and liberal teachers are now under attack for lack of a better word.

Bottom line to conservatives is save nation by cutting the ties between liberalism/socialism and our children. Prevent liberals from using tax dollars to steal the minds of children and re-route those dollars and children away from the leftist stronghold of public education. GAME OVER. And the fight is on big time. And they blame everyone and everything else but never looking in the mirror . Typical.

Another reason is that there are big bucks to be made from privatizing public schools.

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