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“Social Security has not contributed one dime to The Debt; it has been cash positive ever since its start in 1935”, emphasizes Robby Stern of Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans.

“Social Security has ideological enemies. Most enemies are on the republican side. Most enemies are in a class not much dependent on social security.”
The Social Security Trust Funds – nearly three trillion – subsidized Bush Era tax breaks to elites. The same elites want to privatize Social Security and never pay back a dime.
Social Security operates better than “pay as you go” with surpluses. The noise over Social Security is just cheesy republicanism.
Guest Robby Stern of Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans sets the record straight. “Social Security affects us all: the retired, the soon-to-retire and everyone else paying into the system.” It is vital we know TRUTH from “scare politics” when it comes to Social Security.

Warning: citizens must engage NOW or forfeit this vital social safety net to a class of “have too much” elites!

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