Washington's Democratic representatives, except for Jim McDermott, are willing to cut Social Security

On Feb 15 a majority of House Democrats released a letter:

Majority of House Democrats Call on President Obama to Reject Benefit Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security Benefits.

But the only Washington State representative who has signed the above letter is Rep. Jim McDermott.   Democratic Representatives Smith, DelBene, Larsen, Kilmer, and Heck haven’t signed on.

Moreover, Ivan Weiss reports that he asked newly elected 1st CD Rep. Suzan DelBene whether she would pledge not to support the “chained CPI” plan. She refused to make that pledge.

Walter Kloefkorn, of PDA, reports that Reps. Smith, DelBene, Larsen, Kilmer, and Heck are in the New Democratic Coalition (a “centrist” coalition). Its website is headlined:

       New Democrat Coalition: We’re Ready to Deal

That’s akin to saying: we’ll give in early.  Why do Republicans rarely compromise while many Democrats are eager to compromise fundamental principles?

Kloefkorn says:

Four of the five signed this letter, which proudly throws in with the CEOs of 80 of the nation’s largest companies (without noting that these companies are sitting on record amounts of cash which they are in the main NOT investing in America) and promises that all potential solutions will be on the table. Adam Smith did not sign. I contacted his district office and they would not provide a reason, but did conform that he would remain in the New Democrat coalition.

Our Senators appear to be committed to standing strong, especially Sen. Murray. After folks on both side of the state contacted her last month, she replied that we could help her by providing personal stories about Social Security and other safety net programs.

This betrayal of fundamental Democratic ideals is outrageous, given that Social Security hasn’t contributed a penny to the deficit.  Millions of seniors contributed for decades to their Social Security retirement accounts, and they depend on those checks to make ends meet.

How about first cutting subsidies to Big Oil and the out-of-control military budget?  How about first eliminating tax loopholes?  See A Progressive Plan For Deficit Reduction.

Too many lawmakers are willing to allow the Republicans to trash the New Deal in exchange for tax breaks and bailouts for billionaires. The Republican plan to drown government in debt, corruption, and military adventurism is coming to fruition, with the aid of many of our Democratic elected officials.

Please contact your representatives and strongly request that they defend Social Security.  Here‘s a page with links for the contact info of each member of Washington State’s Congressional delegation.  Here are their phone numbers:

Rick Larsen – Phone: (202) 225-2605
Adam Smith – Phone (202) 225-8901
Suzan DelBene – Phone: (202) 225-6311
Derek Kilmer – phone: 202-225-5916
Denny Heck – phone: 202-225-9740

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