“V for Victory”…over voter suppression

Vote, verify, be vigilant. Make sure your vote counts!

While courts may be striking or watering down some voter suppression attempts by Republican governors and legislatures in key swing states, that does not mean Democratic organizations in those states can let down their guard. It’s not as though the right-wing corporate donors who bought those governors and legislatures are simply going to give up and go away between now and November 6.

Their wildly successful efforts to steal the general elections in 2000 and 2004 were such grand coups for George W. Bush that there’s no way the elite Romney Rich are going to let some paltry court rulings sabotage this year’s push for RepubliCorp election fraud.

So, for liberals, progressives and hard-working middle class voters all across the country who want to put an end to Republican obstructionism and get America moving forward again, the key word for Election 2012 is vigilance.

Along with some other V-words, namely…

  • Vote early. In those states where folks can cast ballots prior to November 6, do so. Then there’s no need to try to locate a polling place that’s been mysteriously closed or moved without notice; or to face annoying, intimidating Tea Party “challengers” who might question your right to vote at all. Then…
  • Verify your vote. It may not be enough to vote early. Make sure your ballot was received. Generally speaking, early voting states have folks you can contact to ensure that your ballot arrived safe and sound at the proper office.
  • Vote in groups. Live in a state where early voting is unavailable? Prefer to actually go to a polling place to cast your ballot? Why not bring along a gaggle of friends or family members? Make it a social event, bring snacks. Then, if some angry right-wing white guy tries to question your residence or ID, all of you can challenge him! Where’s his ID and proof of residence? Take pictures or videos of the confrontation and post them on YouTube. Or maybe just offer him a cookie and tell him politely to go away and do something constructive.

Not registered to vote yet? Not sure if your registration is current? It may not be too late to find out. Contact your local elections office.

Not interested in voting? Then stop whining. No cookies for you.

Originally published at examiner.com.

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