This Land's Run for the Wealthy Few

This land is Koch land, this land is Fox land
From Silicon Valley to  New York's Wall Street
From Texas oil rigs to northern tar fields
This land's run for the wealthy few.

They wasted trillions on wars unneeded.
They tortured people and made new enemies.
They overthrew leaders democratically elected.
They were working for the wealthy few.

Offshore tax havens,  loopholes so brazen,
Tax cuts for rich folk, wealth concentration.
Capital gains taxed   less than earned income,
This land's run for the wealthy few.

Deregulation crashed the economy
So they gave bailouts to corporations
They still give subsidies to oil companies
They care only for the wealthy few.

Gerrymandered districts,  Diebold voting machines, 
Voter suppression,  Citizens United,
Attacks on unions and public teachers.
This land's run for the wealthy few.

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