Should progressives try to stop Hillary?

Hillary Clinton is a frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2014. Given her hawkish history as Secretary of State, and given her connections to her triangulating husband and his corporate crowd, it’s likely that progressives would oppose many of her policies.

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On the other hand, she’s strong on issues such as health care and women’s rights.  She’s probably tough enough to stand up to the Republicans.  Moreover, she almost won the nomination in 2008, and now it’s her turn; America deserves a female president, and she’d be a strong candidate.  Many women strongly support her.

Should progressives mount an effort to derail her nomination?

Now is the time to consider this issue, before her campaign gets momentum.




3 Replies to “Should progressives try to stop Hillary?

  1. Yes, definitely work to derail Hillary. She is too closely tied to Bill’s “New Democrats,” who promote the neo-liberal agenda and are beholden to big business. Hillary sat on the board of Walmart for cryin out loud! I don’t care if they are from Arkansas. The Waltons are far right-wingers who exploit their workers, fight unionization and have more employees on Food Stamps than any other US company, while they hold more wealth than 40% of Americans!

    We need someone who will stop the privatization of public services, including education, which is only to the benefit of corporate profiteers who feed at the public funding trough.

    Please start a movement that encourages Elizabeth Warren to run for president!

  2. People blame the GOP for our ills. I blame the Democratic “Third Way” instead.

    Folks aren’t getting what they donated towards and worked for. The “real change” that Barak Obama campaigned for was a lie. He is a corporate puppet. Just look at his cabinet. Hillary would be more of the same. Probably worse.

  3. Yes, we need to derail Hillary’s presumed ownership of the Democratic Party Presidential nomination. It is not “her turn”; nobody is owed a “turn” to be President, and we don’t need any more Presidential dynasties. We’ve already had several; I stem from the Adams one, and Gods forbid we ever elect or adjudicate any more Bushes into office, to name two. As Mick Winborg points out, the neoliberal “Third Way” is to blame for much of where we are today; it took our party far to the right and dressed up Reagan’s policies and worse in prettier colors. I would greatly like to see a woman be elected President, but not that particular woman.

    JustCareAlot wants to see Elizabeth Warren run. Now there’s a woman I will support! As a woman, there’s certainly something attractive about the notion that it’s “our turn”, but that’s a far cry from handing the nomination to a specific person before elections are held because it’s specifically “HER turn”.

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