Should MoveOn have sent this email?

I got the email below from, asking me to call Senators Cantwell and Murray and ask them to support President Obama’s jobs bill.

Of course, I support the bill, and our senators should too. But isn’t it a forgone conclusion that these Democratic senators will support it? If so, isn’t the email a waste of time?

Dear MoveOn member,1.9 million new jobs are on the line today, which is why we need you to get on the line to Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray right now.

President Obama’s jobs bill is coming to a vote in the Senate late today. Independent experts say it would add 1.9 million jobs and reduce unemployment by 1%.1 That’s jobs for teachers, construction workers, veterans, and more. And it’s paid for by asking the richest of the richest 1% to pay a bit more in taxes—an idea that 75% of Americans support.2 ….


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