Sequester My @$$, Strategy Call at 4pm Wednesday

Check Out The Fun Shared Sacrifice My @$$ Song &
              Dance mob video!

In the age of sequestration, our Shared Sacrifice My @$$ video is more appropriate than ever. Allow yourself to laugh-off the disappointment and then channel your outrage into ACTION!

Join the Strategy & Solidarity Call Among Backbone Allies

Wednesday, March 6th at 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern

Members on the call have been mobilizing to stop evictions and foreclosures, fighting off fossil fuel and resource extraction in their communities’, building momentum to overturn Citizen’s United, fighting trans-national corporations from usurping our democracy through the TPP, and more.

Now more than ever we can benefit from celebrating our victories, coordinating, strategizing, and learning from one another. Let’s weave together closer ties among friends and allies who share similar aspirations and are also striving for justice.

The “sequester” is an obvious failure on the part of our politicians to act, a dereliction of their duties, and a sinister ploy by some to cripple our government and cheat our society out of the few hard-fought essential supports we depend on. It’s clear that our movements need to be more powerful. We can make an outrageous act like this politically untouchable in the future. Right now there are clear way-points we can look towards to strengthen our resolve. Strike Debt is inserting into our society a broader and deepening analysis of the unquestioned ideology of debt. A growing section of society is embracing a larger palette of tactics. This is clear evidence of their commitment to fight. It’s also a recognition of the failure of traditional channels of redress. Groups like are promoting and encouraging their members to show up, bird-dog, and disrupt at any and every public appearance by Obama ad Kerry. The Sierra Club is reversing their stance after 120 years and embracing civil disobedience. Through this call we can grow our movements together!

Will you march forth with us to create the society we deserve?

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