Scary, nutcase theories of Nathan Choi

The web page of Nathan Choi, candidate for Washington State Supreme Court, is filled with crazy conspiracy theories and misspellings.

Normally, such an unqualified and extremist candidate would be no concern against a competent sitting Supreme Court judge, Steven Gonzalez. But a poll indicates that Choi was in the lead. (Watch Justice Steve Gonzalez’s challenger run away from KIRO7’s Essex Porter on camera!.)

Here are some of the things Choi says on his webpage. I’m copying them at length here, in case Choi corrects the errors.


In the Begining [sic] since the time in Genesis, they have attempted to build a one world government. They attempted to reach the heavens by building the Tower of Babel which was gracefully destroyed during the time of Peleg. It was located in Babylon reminding me of Revelations 18 about the new Tower of Babel and the Babylonian System.

The Globalist Elites have built the Tower of Basel right next to the Gotthard Tunnel. Confirm this yourself. It’s located in Basel Switzerland. This tower is the head of their New World Order. It is the top of all the Private Central Banks across the world. Search this matter out. Please see the opening ceremony of that Gotthard Tunnel. For religious people, Revelations is about the current time and it states that this new Tower will Fall and its conspirators will be paid back double.

The final video below is the glue that puts it all together. Before watching, I ask that you say a prayer to block any hexes or vexes that are embedded in commercials of this video so they may return to the sender 7 fold. While viewing this, pause it often and verify facts. A fair Judge will hear both what is presented and other narratives of the same set of facts. A fair judge must consider all the evidence and reach a conclusion based on credible evidence.


First of all, Nathan Choi does NOT support illegal entry into the United States. It makes no sense for a union to ask you to vote for open borders. Don’t Illegals work for less and take jobs away? 1 plus 1 does not equal 3. The population is not dumb to figure that illegals take jobs away? Could it be that immigration is being framed for a more sinister motive? After practicing immigration law for about 20 years, I can safely tell you immigration is not a Republican or Democrat issue. you must look at this from a freedom vs oppression point of view. The People vs the Globalist Elites.

One of the best ways to implement their end goal is through mass immigration, by blending the people of developed countries with famished ones to cause social disorder resulting in their New World Order, a One World Government solution. Cause the Problem to obtain a Reaction and implement a preconceived Solution…..


Did you know there were a group of young adults that flew in from abroad to film the incident, cheered, and popped champagne after the plane hit? The FBI caught them and let them return to Isreal [sic] where they went on air admitting that they knew it was going to fall and flew in to film it.


A Rothchild once stated that he cares not which puppet is the leader of the country. He who owns the money is the true ruler through donating/bribing its leaders. When you are a multi-Trillionaire who has partial ownership of every central bank on earth (except 3 click here to learn more) you can do anything you want through threat or bribe. This system enriches only their cronies AND is the true source of misery on earth, the lack of funds for important projects, and other social problems we face in our nation/world. If you watched the videos above, you can see how a global cabal of CEOs, Presidents, Congressmen, and unfortunately Judges can do this.


Please vote for Steven Gonzalez for Supreme Court.

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