RSVP – 12/22 Student Debt Jubilee & Why Higher Education Ought to Be Free – This Thursday evening at 5:30 PAC/8:30 EST

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RSVP for Student Debt Jubilee & Why Higher Education Ought to Be Free
Join us for the conference call interview and recording for our newest podcast.
Thursday, December 22 – 5:30 PAC/8:30 EST

Backbone Graduation cap in Seattle           student demonstration.
This year, unpaid college student loans will exceed $1 trillion for the first time. For the first time ever, student loan debt is now higher than credit card debt in the U.S. (see USA Today article). In 2010, average student debt upon graduation from college was $24,000(see Huffington Post article)
On this conference call/podcast, the 84th in our Conversations with the Cabinet series, we will explore how to reverse this terrible phenomenon. Our country is creating an entire generation of indentured servants, while offering unprecedented wealth to predatory and unregulated private lenders such as Sallie Mae (related Mother Jones and Counterpunch articles).
We will be joined by Rob Applebaum, of and Alan Collinge, director of Student Loan Justice (see also Salon article on Alan’s involvement in OWS).

Serge Bakalian, producer of Default, the Student Loan Documentary will be with us, as well as Kyle McCarthy, co founder of Occupy Student Debt .

Canceling all student loans is only part of the solution to helping the next generation break free of the chains of debt. All who gain admittance into our universities could attend free of charge. Our Conversation will also feature experts on democratizing higher education. We will hear from longtime free higher education advocate Adolph Reed Jr. (see his two articles Majoring in Debt, and Free Higher Ed!). And we will be joined by Bob Samuels, author of Why All Higher Public Education Should Be Free.


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