Reichert signs theocracy letter

Republican US Congressman Dave Reichert (WA, 8th CD) has signed a letter calling on President Obama to acknowledge the primacy of God in America. The following pdf file

contains an image of the letter, which was signed by 42 US members of Congress.

In a November, 2010 speech Obama said that e pluribus unum — out of many one — is  our national motto. But, according to the letter, in 1956 Congress passed and Pres. Eisenhower signed a law establishing “In God We Trust” as the national motto.

The letter continues in this vein, quoting from the Declaration of Independence (but not the US Constitution), John Adams, and Ronald Reagan, and asking Obama to correct his speech.

U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert (R – WA, 8th CD)  was one of the 42 co-signers of the letter.

Though I disagree with Reichert and the Republicans’ positions on the place of religion in politics, I’m not sure that it’s wise to make a big deal out of this issue. It’s a wedge issue, really. So to some degree it’s a distraction from more important issues: economic justice, civil rights, environmentalism, fair elections, women’s rights,  and accountability.

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