Petition to WA Congressional Delegates concerning H.Res 733

The petition below is urgent.  Please sign and pass it along to your LD mailing list.  Send the signed petition to the caucus so that it can be forwarded to our congressional delegation.
In Solidarity,  Judith Shattuck, Chair, Washington State Progressive Caucus
We, the undersigned elected and appointed PCOs in Washington State support and affirm the Deal for All resolution in the US House of Representatives:

The Deal for All resolution, H.Res 733, which additional Members will cosponsor through the end of the year, advocates four key policies that have built the middle class, expanded the nation’s economy and must play a significant role in any future budget negotiation:

(1) No cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security benefits;

(2) Must contain serious revenue increases, including closing corporate tax loopholes and increasing individual income tax rates for the highest earners;

(3) Significantly reduce defense spending to focus the United States Armed Forces on combating 21st century risks; and

(4) Promote economic growth and expand economic opportunity by including strong levels of job-creating Federal investments in areas such as infrastructure and education, and by promoting private investment.

For more information: We ask that our representatives in Washington DC sign onto this resolution and support moving our country towards true prosperity and a Strong America. Signed:
Name                                                                    PCO (precinct name, LD and CD)

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