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Pay the Price

The Bellevue Reporter published my letter-to-the-editor about King County voters’ recent rejection of Proposition 1.

With gas prices at $3.75 a gallon, the cost of filling up a tank of gas ranges from $63.75 for a Toyota Corolla (gas tank capacity 17 gallons) to $116.25 for a Chevy Suburban (tank capacity of 31 gallons).

But a majority of King County voters were unwilling to pay $60 once a year to fund public transportation and fix roads. I guess they’d rather sit in heavy traffic, breathe filthy air and ignore the plight of the many people who will now have trouble getting to work and school. Have Americans become that selfish and short-sighted?



One Reply to “Pay the Price

  1. I spoke with my bus driver today about the defeat of Proposition 1. He said that some of his coworkers, also drivers, voted AGAINST Proposition 1. He said he told them, “But you can earn back the $60 in a little over an hour of overtime work.” They didn’t care; on principle, they didn’t want to pay more for their car. Crazy.

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