Museum of Accountability

(Three years ago I worked on this project. I want to revive it. What do you think?)


Injustice, corruption and mismanagement are rampant in America, both inside and outside government. Congress and the Executive Branch generally don’t police themselves or each other, because both too often serve corrupt special interests. Nor have the Courts or the news media been effective at exposing the facts and at holding wrongdoers accountable. So there is a need for an authoritative information source that presents the facts about recent history and current events in a palpable, hard-to-ignore way.

The Museum of Accountability is a museum of modern politics and history. It aims to hold public figures and institutions accountable by documenting policies and actions that impact the world in harmful ways. The museum will have both an online and a physical presence. It will be built in stages and involve professional journalists and historians. In addition to presenting facts about wrongdoing, it will also laud those people and organizations who worked heroically for the benefit of others.

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