One Reply to “Angry Conservatives take over the GOP, angry progressives flee the Democratic Party

  1. It now is a fact that that Washington’s only interest is satisfying the minorities for the vote, not what is good for the country! They lowered the voting age to 18 and did away with the draft in-order to easily sway the young minds into believing anything said is a fact as they can no longer think for themselves as they have no real experience in the real world. They do not know how business works or how to be a parent! They are now the entitled along with 60% of the minorities which do not work and the parents believe this is OK?
    The ridiculous regulations of OSHA and EPA and now have driven me out of business as I am having to close my doors. A general contractor in Austin, Texas. Washington no longer cares what is good for the country and we pay outrageous price for energy!
    EPA OSHA and the USA will not live longer! where is the common sense?

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