MoveToAmend forum on Creating Democracy and Challenging Corporate Rule, Sept 28 7PM in Seattle

MoveToAmend announces:

You are invited to attend a WAmend sponsored community forum on “Creating Democracy and Challenging Corporate Rule.”
The event will be held at 7:00 PM on Saturday, September 28, at the University Temple United Methodist Church, 1415 NE 43rd (just west of the UW campus) in Seattle.

The evening will kick off with music, a talk by Ashley Sanders (a member of the Move To Amend national leadership team), and discussion about the 2010 Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates for unlimited amounts of undisclosed, special interest money to distort our political system amounts of money to be donated by wealthy individuals and corporations through Super PACs (Political Action Committees), which has dangerous effects on our democracy by creating a very uneven playing field.

Ashley Sanders, a leading member of the nation Move To Amend team, is one of three speakers doing barnstorming tours in Washington, Michigan and New Mexico during September. Their goal is to raise awareness of these issues by informing the public of the history behind the 2010 Supreme Court decision, and how there is already a growing national movement of real citizens wanting to abolish the serious effects of this decision and its undue influence on politicians and legislation.

WAmend works closely with the national office of Move To Amend and the Washington MTA affiliates who are part of the WAmend Steering Committee. “We know it is imperative that we work together on this issue. Over 308,000 people have already signed the Move To Amend petition on, with more people signing on every day,” says Libby Carr, coordinator of the Seattle event.
For more information, call Libby Carr at 206-838-8721 or email her at .

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