More on Roger Goodman, running for Reichert's congressional seat

State Rep. Roger Goodman is indeed running for Dave Reichert’s 8th CD congressional seat.

It seems like Goodman strong on the environment and judicial issues.  He has a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard and a stellar resume.

Goodman’s web page description (from gives me hope that he’ll be a strong candidate and a strong progressive:

Roger brings considerable professional experience from his legal practice, from serving in federal and state government positions and from working in the non-profit world.

Trained in environmental law, Roger has a good working knowledge of the laws that protect our air, water, species, habitat and other natural resources. He also has developed expertise in energy policy, especially in alternative motor fuels. As senior staff in the U.S. Congress, he:

  • Managed the passage of a key amendment to the Clean Air Act of 1990, providing $250 million in assistance to workers in the coal, chemical and utility industries who were displaced by the effects of more stringent air quality laws.
  • Coordinated the establishment of a national research center on alternative motor fuels and bringing entrepreneurs and scholars together to promote alternative fuels.
  • Helped secure federal funding for heated bridge decks across the country, to make crossing bridges in cold weather both safer and cleaner, without having to use salt.
  • Managed other major legislative efforts to tighten waste laws, both for hazardous waste cleanup and solid waste disposal.

In Washington State in the late 1990s Roger served in Olympia as Executive Director of the Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission, where he became an expert in sentencing policy and was elected to the board of the National Association of Sentencing Commissions.

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