More decline at the Seattle P-I

Nearly three years after the P-I ceased print publication and moved online, the quality of news coverage has declined.    Cheap content such as pet and girly photos abound.

Now comes news that award-winning political cartoonist David Horsey is leaving the Seattle P-I to work for the LA Times. (source)

Veteran columnist and curmudgeon Joel Connelly remains.   He tacks leftward politically but, as befits an independent old-school journalist, makes sure to demonstrate his independence by periodically insulting liberals, as in this recent, unmotivated rant:  Seattle: Getting out from liberal group think.

Most missed is the P-I editorial page. The P-I has blogs and forums, but there is no high profile editorial page that can be a focus of civic discourse.  The opinion page of the old print edition was a valuable venue for progressive thought.


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