Massive protest over Microsoft tax evasion

Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Redmond today in protest over Microsoft’s tax evasions.  Organizers claimed 100,000 people participated. Police estimated the size at 65,000.   There were 18 arrests related to the bonfire in which protesters burnt Windows software packaging.
Protest against Microsoft tax dodging

Protesters’ complaints centered around two issues:

  1. Microsoft’s tax evasion and consequent failure to support education.   See Microsoft could find payoff, take high road by paying up taxes, Exposing Two Microsoft Scams… The Billion Dollar Tax Avoidance Scam and the HiB Union Busting Scam, and Dummies Guide to Microsoft’s Nevada Tax Dodge.
  2. Microsoft’s hiring of thousands of foreign engineers, displacing native workers. This outsourcing of labor is particularly despised given the inadequate funding for education in Washington State, due to tax avoidance, anti-tax initiatives, and the regressive sales tax.

Protest director Bill Moyer, of the Backbone Campaign says that similar protests are planned against Apple Computer, whose tax evasions have been in the national news recently.

(Sigh. I wish.)

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