Light Brigade action in Seattle Wednesday 5:30PM


OLB-Take Action for Seattle Families Facing Foreclosure

Easy Involvement with a Big Impact!


Do You Believe Housing Is A Human Right? – Take Action in Solidarity with SAFE!

Overpass Light Brigade ramping-up local Seattle organizing by SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction) and the 11-city launch of the “Housing For All” National Campaign by the Right To The City coalition!SAFE In Seattle Standing Against Foreclosure and               Eviction 










When: 5:30-7:45pm, Tomorrow-Wednesday March 13

Where: NE 50th Street and 7th Avenue NE Seattle WA, on overpass over I-5

Contacts: Stephen Price (206-390-7125) or Joshua Farris (206-913-3423) Also, see
Wednesday March 13: SAFE (Standing against Foreclosures & Evictions), in coordination with the launch of the nationwide Right to the City “Homes For All” campaign and Vashon Island based Backbone Campaign, is lighting up the night sky over I-5 with the message “Stop Bank Evictions”!

SAFE is bringing the popular demand for a moratorium on all foreclosures and evictions to Seattle – and highlighting two stories in particular; those of Betsy Andrews and Jane Mair and their families. They are hard working people willing to pay to stay in their homes but the banks, who took taxpayer bailouts and are making record profits, will not bend.

Backbone is thrilled by the model organizing by SAFE, and excited to continue our collaboration. Our Localize This! Action camp last year supported SAFE and amplified their organizing efforts with an influx of organizers from across the country for a week of actions, trainings, and community outreach. Since then SAFE has grown and evolved tremendously over a short period of time to be a real threat to banksters and those complicit in furthering the foreclosure crisis. SAFE is building power in their community and offering real support for families facing foreclosure and eviction. Wells Fargo recently closed down their entire downtown Seattle building when they got wind that SAFE was en route for a recent direct action.

What to Expect?
Tomorrow is a High Visibility and very low-risk action. Help us make the action go off safely by holding the Overpass Light Brigade Panels, the more the better. You’ll be letting tens of thousands of commuters know the foreclosure crisis is real and still being felt by our hard-hit communities in Seattle. Better yet, let’s shine these lights signaling more allies and friends to join the fight! Photo example HERE

SAFE is an organization dedicated to building a movement to fight foreclosures and evictions through the courts, through public pressure and through direct action. Anyone in need of help and/or interested in the work of SAFE, please go to the website and/or come to our weekly community meetings at UCC Bethany Church (6230 Beacon Ave S) at 7pm on Tuesdays.



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