Lefty wikipedia: leftipedia.org

I bought the domain name leftipedia.org with the idea of making a progressive (and factual) alternative to wikipedia and to conservapedia.com.

Some of the politically sensitive articles on wikipedia are edited/hacked by conservatives and do not reflect the truth. See, for example, Battle over the facts concerning Chuck Hagel.

The site conservapedia.com, which is written from a Christian and American conservative viewpoint:

has received negative reactions from the mainstream media, as well as from notable political figures, including commentators and journalists,[9][10] and has been criticized for bias and inaccuracies. (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservapedia)

It turns out there are already two lefty online encyclopedias, http://www.dkosopedia.com and  http://left.wikia.com .

http://www.dkosopedia.com seems like it’s not getting much care; I was unable to create an account or login with my daily kos credentials.  Its name isn’t descriptive; rather, it’s cryptic and insular. I didn’t comprehend the connection to daily kos when I first saw it. It has over 14,000 articles.

http://left.wikia.com doesn’t have a nice name either, in my opinion; it’s hosted on a wikia.com, which has ads, and it seems derivative and vanilla.  It has less than 4000 articles.

The name leftipedia.org is superior, I think.

Perhaps the contents and contributors of these sites can be combined.  Writing quality content is a lot of work, and managing, moderating, and paying for the site is a lot of work too. But better for it to be crowd-sourced than for it to be controlled by a few.



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